September 2, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Maple Street Biscuit Company

Summer is over, school is back in session, and #FridayCoffeeWithRita is back! Today is a special edition with my first-born, his first chance to join in. We went to Maple Street Biscuit Company in Murray Hill. Rita had regular maple tap coffee and Drew and I both had an iced maple vanilla latte (delish). He had the Five & Dime (chicken, bacon, egg, sausage gravy), I had the Loaded Goat (chicken, fried goat cheese), and Rita had The Farmer (chicken, cheese, bacon, apple butter). We all split the side of mac & cheese which was more cheese than mac and topped with Cheez-its. Lol As always, it did not disappoint and Drew agreed, it lived up to the hype. Lol

August 30, 2016

Elite Event: Yelp’s Steak & Crab Bash

From my review:

Had a marvelous time. Thank you, Matt and the staff of Outback, for setting this up. All the food was delicious (save for a wee bit of fishy lobster in the appetizer). I've never tried "Rumchata" before, that was fun. The main course, sirloin and crab legs, was a treat. The steak was perfectly cooked. I think the highlight of the evening was the Salted Caramel Cheesecake.

The wait staff was very personable and made our evening enjoyable. I do believe a wonderful time was had by all.

July 27, 2016

Elite Event: Il Desco’s Italian Supper

From my review:

First off, thank you Matthew for arranging this. It was wonderful to finally meet you. Thanks to Matt and the rest of the staff of Il Desco - this was an amazing night.

I loved the communal table and made new friends. It was a lot of fun to put personalities next to people's pictures and names on the website.

Il Desco is lovely inside and the food was superb. Everything was delicious and well seasoned. There were a few pleasant surprises - the little spice of the meatball was a treat and the octopus? Melt in your mouth. The pasta was delicious but I think the big hit of the evening was the wood fired pizza. I'm always wary of that (don't care for burned crust) but the pizza tonight was fragrantly smoky and not burned at all. The meats and cheeses on both tasted top of the line.

The two cocktails were absolutely wonderful. My favorite was the Italian 75, I will definitely order that again. The Final Secret was a nice treat with whiskey.

The Goody Bag given to us by Il Desco was a wonderful surprise, with cookies and a $25 gift card that I cannot wait to use. I know my husband is dying to come here after seeing all the pictures.

July 15, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Cool Moose Coffee Company

#FridayCoffeeWithRita is at the #coolmoosecafejax for lunch. Yes, we both had 2 cups of coffee along with our food. Lol We've been huge #coolmoosejax fans for a very long time, and not just because my sons worked here way back when. Lol It truly is the best place in Jax for breakfast!

June 24, 2016


Met one of my grandfather's younger brothers (in WWII uniform, in sepia, not quite black and white - IS's father) and while introducing myself, noticed that he had the same nose as my younger son. That made me very happy.

I kept trying to tell Sharky a joke about something funny that just happened in a nightclub we were in. He kept laughing and rolling on the floor, with his hands up to his head, yelling penguin feet and pointing to his crow's feet at the corner of his eyes (with his fingers splayed out like bird feet).

I told him that John Barrowman was there dressed as Captain Jack and had picked up a trumpet and played the first few notes of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. The crowd in the nightclub went wild, screaming for more. He told me he didn't know the rest, so he faked fainted (to save face) and I told everyone that he had malaria and they were all sympathetic.

June 17, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Starbucks at Super Target

#FridayCoffeeWithRita at Tar-Jhay (aka Target). Teehee! The barista was very nice and filled mine up fuller since I did not get whipped cream on my caramel frappuccino. Rita had the double fudge - delish!

May 23, 2016


A friend asks me to babysit his red and black Llama named Mr Fluffypants. Later on, I found the llama sitting on his hindquarters like a dog, having eaten all my meds and overdosed. Someone cried, Oh no, just like Marilyn Monroe.

May 13, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Community Loaves

Back at @communityloavesjax for today's ‪#‎FridayCoffeeWithRita‬. Cappuccino for me (delish), hibiscus & red raspberry tea (lovely) for Rita, and we split a slice of ‪#‎carrotcake‬. That was totally worth writing home about. Dense & moist, but not too sweet, and probably one of the best I've ever had. Highly recommend. Also bought a loaf of rosemary garlic sourdough for Sharky's lunch.

April 30, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Krispy Kreme (Unofficial)

No #FridayCoffeeWithRita because someone had a beach date with the BF and family. (Hint: it wasn't me.) So we swung by #krispykreme to use excellent coupons that expired today.