March 26, 2015


Sharky had his blood labs today and said the results were good. Thank goodness.

Early this morning, there was some caterwauling outside, so I stepped onto the porch to see who it was. No cat in sight, so I called. A tabby/siamese mix came running over from across the street (to the right) and a regular fat apple-headed siamese came running over from the left. Once they arrived on the driveway, they totally lost interest in me and were checking each other out. I went back inside.

About an hour later, I heard what sounded like a cat hacking up a furball on the porch, so I stepped outside again to see which one it was. It wasn't a cat, it was a severely overweight jogger on the sidewalk, coughing or having an asthmatic incident. He looked at me and then kept going and I didn't have a chance to ask if he was ok.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful, thankfully, until...

Just had quite a startle. I was playing a game on the laptop (one of those search and find games) and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a brindle dog with a white patch on the chest with upright floppy ears and a sharp nose sitting off to the side, watching me. I blinked and s/he was gone. I wonder who it was? It wasn't Gabby, she was brown/black, not brindle. The only brindle I've had was a greyhound, didn't look like the dog I saw. I've seen many cats in the house, but this was the first dog that has ever appeared here.

March 25, 2015


Poor Sharky came home early from work yesterday, too sick to do much of anything. He tried to take a nap but couldn't, so just kind of vegged. When Petunia came home, we ran over to the local polling place and voted. Sadly, none of the people we supported won - guess this city still lacks common sense. *sigh*

He still felt pretty bad around dinner time and all he wanted was egg drop soup. Had to order some from our local fave Chinese place that delivers because, honestly, I cannot cook that. LOL

March 24, 2015


Petunia was supposed to go out with her friend, BB, on Friday but something came up and it was canceled.  That evening, Sharky dropped both Petunia and I off at Sun-Ray Cinema and we saw "What we do in the Shadows", a New Zealand mockumentary about vampires. It was hysterical and we had a great time.

Saturday morning, her 15th birthday, we got up early and went to Krispy Kreme and had donuts and coffee. I was very good and just had a plain coffee and just one special donut. Petunia and Sharky had 3 donuts each and fancy coffees. LOL

Later on, we went down to OP and picked up Sharky's glasses. Went to the OP Mall and took Petunia to Hot Topic where she picked out a dress and a new pair of jeans. She wanted to go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, which was just down the road.

Came home and had a nap (my hip was killing me). They ran to the grocery store later on and then we went to Sushi Cafe for dinner. Came home and had birthday cake. All in all, she said she had an excellent day.

Sunday morning, we had to go to Volde-mart for groceries. Ugh. I hate that place. Sharky accidentally left the truck headlights on and the battery was dead when we came out. NO ONE stopped to help us. Freak of luck, he tried to start it and it worked, so we left and came home. I hate people, I really do.

Yesterday (Monday) was "back to normal" day with Sharky at work and Petunia at school. She stayed after school and walked home because she wanted to make up work in Engineering.

Today is election day, so when Sharky gets home, we'll run over to the polling place and vote.

March 18, 2015


Even though yesterday was a holiday, we didn't celebrate it. I didn't prepare and it snuck up on me. Petunia's birthday is this Saturday and I still don't know what we are going to do. She really hasn't been any help with suggestions either.

Poor Sharky still is under the weather. He texted me from work today telling me that he still feels flu-ish. I wish there was something I could do for him.

March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day (Tuesday)

I know, I haven't updated in a week. Been stressing and pmsing the whole time and didn't feel like doing much other than my chores and binging on Netflix/Pandora.

Last Wednesday was Early Release and Petunia went over BB's house and the two of them died their hair. Petunia went "blue-black" and BB went red. Both turned out very cute.

Thursday was Sharky's 2nd chemo. Packed a bag of food for him and he brought a book and his laptop with him. Thank goodness his blood count was good enough for the chemo. He was home before 5 and honestly felt like crap, the last type of chemo he gets makes one feel like they have the flu. He also received a pill for nausea, which thankfully worked.

Friday was "back to normal" but he took off of work early to go back to the doctor to receive a shot to help with his blood count. Gave the cats flea medicine that night too. That wasn't fun, making them swallow a pill. But they were rewarded with fancy wet cat food ("broth") that they really enjoyed. Made up for me sticking my finger in their mouths. LOL

Saturday morning we drove down to OP and picked up my glasses/sunglasses. It sure is nice to be able to see properly again. On the way home, Sharky wanted to walk around the mall, so we did. Petunia received two early birthday presents - a TARDIS shirt and a music shirt. That afternoon, Sharky bought us a fridge. Later that night, when we were swapping the food over, the old one literally died. Just in freaking time. *sigh*

Sunday was the Natural Life Music Fest in Metro Park. It was free. Sharky and Petunia went a few years ago and loved it, but it's gotten a lot bigger since. We had a nice time and ate Cuban sammies from a food truck (there were tons there) and listed to some music. BB & her mom MB (and Poe the bunny) showed up for a little bit. It was hot and we all got a bit sunburned, but used sunscreen (Sharky has to be extra careful now with all the meds/chemo).

This week is Spring Break. Petunia was picked up yesterday and today by Mr. DW and is helping him do lawn work for some spending money. She tried to tell him she'd do it for free but he insisted. LOL

March 10, 2015


JEA is back in the 'hood, cleaning our sewer system. Ugh. The noise is dreadful, mainly the truck but the workers shouting to each other is pretty annoying as well.

Added more chores to my calendar. I'm trying to do something new every week, and every day is something different, so I don't feel so overwhelmed. It is going well so far.

Sharky's mother is stressing him out. She called the other night and even though he's being truthful about what is going on, she doesn't believe him. I wish she could just accept it and know that he isn't lying to her. He doesn't need that kind of stress from her.

March 9, 2015


We had a lot of fun on Saturday. We went to the Riverside Art's Market 7th annual opening. We got a great parking space and got there just a bit after it opened. Had a fancy organic coffee, watched the "parade" and opening speeches and browsed a lot of awesome art stuff. Picked up some strawberries (for us) and honeybell tangelos (for Sharky's lunch), along with some organic sourdough baguette and some garlic pesto goat cheese to accompany it. Had dinner at Mr. DW's late that afternoon and had a very nice time.

Sunday, Sharky went out and hung out at the boat with Mr. DW. They didn't take it out but puttered around on it. Afterwards, we had lunch at Hawker's Asian Street Fare in 5 Points. That was delicious and a lot of fun. Then we did grocery shopping at Volde-Mart. After that, I was in a lot of pain and kind of vegged for the rest of the day.

Everything is back to normal today I guess. Trying to schedule things to do to keep organized.

March 6, 2015


Sharky was supposed to have his 2nd dose of chemo yesterday but it was postponed until next week. He arrived and they did the blood test first, discovering that his blood count was too low and a chemo treatment would be too dangerous. He came home and ate his lunch and didn't go to work. He was in pain, exhausted, depressed and a whole bunch of other crap. Going to try and get more meat (and other high iron foods) into him to help with the blood count. He made it in to work today, hopefully he'll do ok.

I'm in a very crappy mood right now. Most likely hormonal, but who knows? I've been suffering from a stomach ache for weeks, both before and after eating, and have been chewing on a lot of Tums. I basically am starving and nauseous all the time. Ugh. I'm sure its stress related.

Have a giant ass JEA panel truck sitting in front of my house with yellow lights flashing like crazy. Not sure what is going on, but I think it has to do with them "cleaning the sewers." It's a beautiful day out today, cool and not quite dry, and after the heat of the past few days, I opened up the windows just to have this asshat park in front. So my dream of cool breezes and fresh air is going to be ruined by flashing lights, loud noises and sewer stank. *sigh*

March 4, 2015


Saturday, Sharky went over to Mr. DW's house and tried to save the computer, but it was to no avail, the hard drive had crashed. Petunia spent the day at BB's. When Sharky got home, we went and had our eyes examined and ordered new glasses for both of us.

Afterward, we picked up Petunia and we went and had dinner at Tuptim Thai. First time to try Thai food for all of us and it was delicious. The servings were generous and we all brought 1/2 our dinner home with us. LOL

Sunday morning, it was fun. We got up and had breakfast (take out from Mickey D's) and went to Little Talbot Island and spent a couple of hours playing. It was windy and blustery but beautiful. Sharky wanted MShack for lunch, so that is where we went. All 3 of us had burgers,split one order of fries and then we all had a small milkshake each. Needless to say, we were still pretty well stuffed by dinner time. Didn't have to cook, thank goodness, just ate our leftovers.

Nothing happened on Monday, just the usual, but Sharky went to the surgeon's yesterday for a check up. No infection, thank goodness, but was able to get something new for the pain. Hopefully it will work. When he got home, we all ran to the store and picked up some groceries and Rx that were ready. In the evening, after dinner, Sharky shaved his head. He didn't want to, but was already experiencing a lot of hair loss both on his head and from his beard. Totally accidental, but he ended up coming out of the bathroom looking a lot like Walter White from Breaking Bad (bald w/goatee), just like Bear predicted (jokingly). I wanted to take a picture to send to the boys but he got very upset with me and refused to.

My heart is just breaking. I cry a lot during the day so I won't at night. Had a momentary (controlled) freak out last night when Sharky mentioned we needed to start getting things together. I'm afraid he meant in case of his death and I really don't want to deal with that right now.