September 28, 2015


Roasting s whole chicken for dinner. 2/3 of the house is sick, so homemade chili is going to wait a day or two. Another batch of soup this weekend.

I had to pick Petunia up about 0930 at school; she had vomited. Sharky came home about that time as well, feeling like he was going to throw up. I'm not sick, thank goodness, but I do have a killer headache.

I really wanted chili too.

September 22, 2015

Merry Mabon - The End of the Gratitude Project

Today is the last day of my participation in The Gratitude Project (Day 53) since Mabon is tomorrow.

Since it started (on Lammas), I have been grateful for: Sharky, my 3 kids, TBoo, my 3 cats, Tony, Mr. DW, KDL, CJ, my house, my health, Mom, library, Riverside, Netflix, toilet paper, running water, coffee, books, washer & dryer, internet, blue jays, bed, Publix, my datebook, birdfeeder, local animal rights, chicken, music, BB's family, A/C, my hibiscus bush, imaginary (internet) friends, breathing, vet's office, Where's George?, Megan, ice cream, Jacksonville, cheese, Malala Yousafzai, sunshine, sci-fi/fantasy, plumbing, Farmer's Market, autumn, Bernie Sanders, grandparents, ocean, caramel, microwave, toaster oven, and chocolate.

I think I have a lot to be grateful for.

September 21, 2015


Today, I am grateful for chocolate. Yes, I still prefer caramel over chocolate, but it's a good thing. Especially the rich, dark kind that isn't as sweet as milk chocolate. It's doubly good if wrapped around caramel. Mmm...

(The Gratitude Project, Day 52)

September 20, 2015

My Toaster Oven

Today, I am grateful for my toaster oven. It looks like a spaceship, especially now since it's a few years old and heavily used. It's used daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. It was a gift from Curtiss (happy now?) and I think lovingly of him every day I use it.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 51)

September 19, 2015

My Microwave

Today, I am grateful for my microwave oven. I know isn't a perfect method of cooking, but it sure works in a pinch.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 50)

September 18, 2015


Today, I am grateful for caramel. The buttery, golden richness is something I truly savor, more than any other "sweet" in the world, yes even more than chocolate.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 49)

September 17, 2015

The Ocean

Today, I am grateful for the ocean. It's where all life started and where it all will end one day, perhaps. I never want to live too far from the salt water. It brings me happiness that's beyond explanation.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 48)

September 16, 2015

My Grandparents

Today, I am grateful for my grandparents - all 4 of them. My paternal set I barely knew due to the distance between us (1/2 a world away) but they did their best to keep in contact with me. My maternal set spent a lot of time living nearby where I could spend a lot of quality time with them. I got away with a lot of stuff because of them - they were always more than willing to help me skip school, etc. They also got to know both of my sons well. Sadly, only my grandpa made it long enough to meet and love my daughter. All had an immeasurable impact upon me.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 47)

September 15, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders

Today, I am grateful for Senator Bernie Sanders. If he wasn't in the race for Democratic nominee for POTUS, I'd be very depressed.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 46)