April 16, 2014


It was a miserably, rainy day yesterday. Not a nice enjoyable rain. *sigh* Two nights ago, it was so hot that Sharky ran the fan in the bedroom while we slept. This morning, it was cold enough that he and Petunia bundled up warmly and were complaining. *double sigh*

I've spent a good portion of today trying to get/find/order legal documents. The hoops one has to jump through is insane. The questions asked to verify yourself are bizarre as well - listing four cities and you have to choose the one you never lived in. In that particular case, they listed 2 cities I've never lived in! Which do I choose? I chose the one out of the country. LOL I've lived in many places over the years, I remember what cities but remember every single street address I've ever resided on? Nope. Really makes me paranoid and slightly panicky. Ordering documents are expensive too. Yuck.

Looking forward to this weekend and seeing my Bug & Tboo. I won a gift card to our local fave cafe (the one the boys worked at before military) so Sharky, Petunia and I are going there for a super nice breakfast Saturday morning when they open. Very excited about that.

I ordered a "cafeteria" type plastic tray off of eBay yesterday and it shipped today. We've been feeding the cats on a tv tray in the kitchen (and on the floor) and they make a huge mess. We will pick up some small bowls (from Dollar Tree perhaps) and then feed them on the floor on the tray. Any mess they'll make will be contained and easy to clean up. We only fed them up on the table to keep the food away from Gabby. She's been gone almost a year and we still haven't gotten out of the habit. When we get a dog again, we'll deal with the issue then.

April 15, 2014


Not sure what happened to Monday. Had another blow out yesterday, flooded two pads. Guess it's just a preview to a rocky menopause. *sigh*

Raining off and on all day so far. Sun has come out and hidden numerous times.

Set up a FB account for Petunia. She's the right age now and swears to be responsible. We'll see. We (Sharky and I) have full control over the password, so she cannot be sneaky. It's not like I've ever used it, but she believes we would. We would if she gave us a reason, and thankfully, she hasn't so far.

April 13, 2014


Petunia saw Rio 2 with her boy friend (teehee) and his parents and step sister yesterday. She had a good time. She's spending today with BB and her mom. They will have to put their 10 yo boxer, Kirby, to sleep this week. He's going downhill fast and it's been hard on BB. She knows Petunia has been through this and needed friend time. I understood. Sharky dropped her off and brought Wendy's home for lunch. Petunia and BB went to Hawkers again for lunch. Lucky.

I got my period yesterday, a whole week late. It was very light and stopped after midnight. It hit again, around noon, with a vengeance. First accident I've had in a while, shorts, undies and couch. Sigh. Cramping has been worse today than I've had in a long time and I even broke down and took a pain pill.

Sharky is trimming trees on the side of the house today. Burned up the little electric chainsaw and had to get another one. The city is very strict on the size of yard waste put out for collection. He told the neighbors on that side before he started and when he was out, they came back home so I popped out and apologized for the stuff all over the driveway. They were gracious and polite. The tow truck that lived there is long gone and these people seem to be decent folk, quiet and polite.

April 12, 2014


Sharky went to bed early and read, as usual. Petunia stayed up and watched the Torchwood episodes that she missed, catching all but the last one. I went to bed as well, couldn't keep my eyes open.

Petunia has another "date" today with MB and his family. They are going to see Rio 2 at the movies. His parents must have really liked her if they are inviting her out again. (Of course they would, everyone loves my kids. LOL They have very good manners when they want to.)

Bear is out of touch for the next 30 days, on a training exercise. I hope he has a good time. Looking forward to seeing Bug & TBoo next weekend. I'm thinking about either a dinner at home, or maybe a picnic outside in one of our parks? Haven't had a picnic in such a long time, that could be a lot of fun.

Somebody in the neighborhood has propane - I smelled it yesterday after Petunia arrived home and I'm smelling it now, coming in thru the storm door. It's kind of bothersome.

Felinertia: Sharky got up early (6ish) and I wanted to sleep in just a bit. By 7ish, Lucie-loo was climbing all over me, yowling. Then she got up on the headboard and started batting at the blinds. Proves yet again, that she prefers Sharky over me. If he can't sleep in, neither can I. LOL

April 11, 2014

My Personal Cabana Boy


Bug called last night, he and TBoo are coming down for Easter. Daisy-dog will be staying behind at the roommates, the trip is too much for her. I do understand, poor thing. They will be staying at a hotel and promised to have one family dinner with us. OK, that sounds bad, but 2 1/2 days and only one full day, I want to make sure we get our time in because I know TBoo will want to visit her family too.

I feel ok today. Had a hard time sleeping last night as usual. Wish I knew how to fix that.

April 10, 2014


Another bad night. My feet hurt so bad, they kept waking me up.

I heard from Bear, he's leaving soon for a working trip in the desert (US not overseas, thankfully) for about 30 days. He bought a Kindle and wanted book recommendations. LOL I asked him to call his grandparents and let them know, especially if rumors he heard were true and he might be out there, incommunicado, for 60 days instead of 30.

April 9, 2014


I thought I was doing better health wise but now I am not so sure.

Had an incident with my eyes yesterday (and this morning) where my sight had vibration around the edges. I have no idea what that means. Also, this morning, right before eating the breakfast that I had just fixed, I got so dizzy that I actually laid down on the couch. I was afraid I was going to faint. I didn't, and when the dizziness passed, I was able to eat.

My period is 4 days late now, giving my period tracker app on my phone the fits. (Hahaha, I think it's more worried than I am.) I'm not pregnant, but its definitely a sign of something. Stress? Nah, I've had worse without skipping. Most likely a new sign of my upcoming menopause. Woohoo. (Sarcasm.) Petunia's period started Sunday and I thought I was getting mine as well since I was having cramps, but it most likely was sympathy pain. I'm quite paranoid about starting now, thinking its going to happen any moment.

Had nightmares this morning before waking. Serial killers and a strange cat/lemur creature giving birth to little rat pinky babies, all mixed up with researching files and testifying in court. It wasn't a scary nightmare but more like a super stressful one. I know at sometime last night, I must have been sleeping with my eyes open because I woke up and they were so dry and scratchy, I could barely blink.

April 7, 2014


Petunia ended up spending the night on Saturday and came home around noon on Sunday. Sharky's truck is overheating and he's afraid of the leaking being in an almost impossible place to get to. *sigh* Watched a Doctor Who special and a couple episodes of Torchwood with Petunia and then it got too late and we had to stop. CK showed up with a friend and they & Sharky worked on vehicles and washed them. Sharky fed them sandwiches. We have to go to Publix soon, running low on food. Sharky said the truck is ok for short distances.

April 6, 2014

Never read the comments...

I hate people, I really do. Especially those assholes who comment on news articles. This weekend, two separate children died by gunshots in homes, accidentally fired by two other children (both cases unrelated). One family has the commenters crying and praying for them. The other family is being blamed for not doing the right thing. One family is white, the other family is black. Guess which is which? Yes, the white family gets sympathy, the black family is blamed for being "bad." IMO, they are all to blame equally, but I swear no one else seems to see it that way.

The number one law of gun handling: TREAT ALL GUNS AS IF THEY ARE LOADED. 



Petunia ended up going to Hawkers for lunch with BB and her mom, then went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel at Sun-Ray Cinema. After, she called and begged to spend the night. *sigh* So that is where she is. I told her she had to be home by noon today or I was watching Doctor Who & Torchwood without her. (She's got chores...)

Sharky got two new tires for the truck. Ugh. Then the stupid thing started overheating. Typical. He cannot find the leak just yet, needs some sort of pressure gauge to find it. He has to go to the sailboat this morning to help do some repairs, then hopefully CK will be by for yard work. We still have to go to the store and do some grocery shopping.

April 5, 2014


Well, after running to the library, Sharky dropped Petunia off at BB's house. They will be going to RAM with her mom. Then, Sharky is headed to get two new tires for the truck because they ones he'll be replacing are in very bad shape.