August 17, 2014

Duval Things

Tangled kinky strands
Dances lightly across roads
Roll tumbleweave roll

August 13, 2014


Sharky's picking up the metformin from the pharmacy after work today so I'll start taking it tomorrow morning.

Finally received the new insurance card in the mail and when I opened it, it said to go to the website immediately and register. So I did. And it wouldn't let me. *sigh* Had to call and find out that I cannot register until the insurance actually starts, on September 1st. Geeze, it sure would have been nice for it to say that in the instructions. *rolls eyes*

Petunia is still grounded for lying to me last week. We found out that she had lied to LN's mom and told her that they could be dropped off at a mall unsupervised. Had a long, long talk with her and there were a lot of tears shed. We'll revisit the punishment this weekend and see how it goes. No computer, no phone, etc. Good thing, without distraction, she's really done a great job on her room and clothing (washing, organizing, etc.).

August 11, 2014


So much has been going on and I've lost a lot of will to blog lately. I've slacked off royally and need to get back on the wagon.

School starts next week. That is going to be a scary thing to deal with. We missed out on orientation last week, but MB (BB's mom) will try and print out a schedule for Petunia today for us. I don't know how we are going to handle the back and forth.

This is the 3rd week I've been calling the Magnet Office to find out if she has moved up the list to her preferred school, but they will not answer the phones. All I get is a recording stating that they are experiencing a high volume of calls right now and to please call back. There is no other number and if you call the School Board, they tell you to just keep calling the same number and eventually someone will answer the phone.

Around lunch time, I was able to actually get through and a human being promptly put me on hold. I was on hold for close to 45 minutes before I had to hang up due to call from doctor coming in. I called over and over and finally got another human but only had to wait for 10 minutes before she came back on. Petunia is now #19 on the wait list. Unfortunately, they only draw kids for the first 7 days of school. If you don't get in then, you have to wait until the 2nd semester - after winter break. I had not been informed about that. Crap.

Today was the first day that I was able to get someone on the phone at the doctor's office who acted like they could actually help me with the Lantus insulin issue. (I cannot afford the rx at $250 and will run out soon. Our insurance kicks in on 09/01, so I can get it renewed then, but I don't think I have enough to last.) This time, the young man actually wrote everything I said down, repeated it back to me and went and got the doctor. They said they'd investigate it and call me back. *sigh* I hope I'll hear from them soon. Ah, yes, the doctor himself called me and they are prescribing me Metformin (free at Publix) to tide me over during the gap when I run out of Lantus and then am able to get it again. *phew* What a relief. The doc said it's not a perfect solution, but it will be better than not having it at all.

Bug's birthday was last week. I forgot to send him a card because I've been so stressed and messed up with all these meds, and new routine, etc. We called and talked to him though and they are doing ok. Arguing about the baby  name. They were going the junior route, but TBoo decided she hated that and is now refusing any and all suggestions Bug has. *sigh*

My father is being an asshat. He was sending me "insulin kills" emails and now is sending "Obamacare kills" ones. I wrote him back and told him that without so-called "Obamacare" I would have no insurance at all and most likely would die without healthcare. He ignored me and is still sending the crap.

August 5, 2014


My heart is breaking. My Uncle Kerry died this morning all alone in his house, with no one around. A neighbor called and when no one answered, went over to check and found the door open and him dead on the floor - called my Auntie Sue who lives nearby.

Typical Florida death, soon swarmed with cops and coroners eagerly looking for foul play and treating friends and relatives like the enemy when they can't find what they want. They are thinking it was a heart attack because he had high blood pressure and was an insulin dependent diabetic and didn't take good care of himself after his wife left a few years ago.

My Uncle Steve is flying down to help out because both my mom and I live too far away and Auntie Sue is too old and mentally fragile (and in the middle of moving down to live in the same complex as my mom).

I can't say anything publicly because I don't know if my cousins (Uncle Steve's kids) know yet and my sister does not know (and I don't know when mom will tell her).

I was named after him. Kerry was his nickname, his real name was Curtiss (as in my grandfather and my son). He was only 67 but in my head, I always pictured him like in my avatar. He had a convertible when I was little and would drive me around, excited and half terrified with the wind blowing. He also used to give me sips of his rum & coke. Both things would probably get him arrested today. LOL

July 29, 2014


Quiet weekend. Mr. DW is out of town so every day, Sharky checks on his house and boat for him. I stayed at home and was just quiet. Watching the reboot of Battlestar Gallactica.

I think I might have solved the rx issue and made some calls yesterday about it. I'll find out if it works this afternoon. *fingers crossed*

Petunia went out with her new boyfriend, LN, Friday night and then last night. His mom picked her up and they went to a mutual friend's birthday celebration - ate at Zaxby's and saw a movie. She had a good time but is pretty tired right now. His mom seems nice.

Woke up in the middle of last night and came out to use the inhaler, and freaked for a brief moment because I thought I saw Gabby sleeping on the couch in her old spot. I miss that stinky old dog so much.

Haven't heard much from the boys. They're busy with their own lives. *sigh*

July 25, 2014

Insurance (Friday)

I am physically ill right now. I think I'm going to vomit.

I have Medicaid right now and it will be cancelled on July 31. Petunia's can be continued, but for $150 a month. Sharky was able to get it just for himself super cheap at work (to upgrade it to family would be an extra 250 added on to his, wtf).

Sunday, I went on the site and applied. Created a profile (first step) and was told they could not verify me and I had to call Experian for verification, so I did. First woman told me the system was down and to call back. Waited an hour and then I did. I was told they could not verify my identity and had to call the website. There, I was told I had to mail in my birth certificate. I hung up (nicely) and was frustrated. Waited a bit and called Experian back. This time, a nice woman explained to me that verification was done via credit score, and I did not have one (being a housewife, etc.). *sigh* So, I called back the HC.O site and this time, another nicer woman said I didn't have to mail it if I had access to a scanner. So, we scanned my driver's license and sent it in.Waited all week, checking in daily, no word. Still being verified.

Called back this morning and talked to another woman who said she'd walk me through the insurance part and let me know what was available. So confusing, but I took copious notes and after the call, looked stuff up on line. According to Florida Law, I had to have insurance that included child dental due to Petunia still living at home. So that narrowed down my choices. (There is an option to add on additional, but I really wanted an all-in-one for ease.) After hours, yes hours, of comparison I finally chose one.

So, long story short (too late), Petunia and I now have affordable, decent insurance. Only one problem - it doesn't start until September 1st. I don't know what to do when I run out of insulin in August. I take 2 different kinds, and they average $250 each. I guess I'll call the Diabetes clinic at the hospital and see if there is something they can help me with when that time comes around?

July 23, 2014


Well, had a doctor visit last Friday and I guess everything was ok. He looked at my charts and said my blood pressure was looking good and my glucose was ok and could use improvement. The primary reason was for lab work so I had a lot of blood drawn and gave a urine sample. Hopefully I'll hear from them soon with the results. Next appointment is in 2 weeks. I may or may not have insurance so I may or may not go. *sigh*

Still working on getting insurance because mine expires at the end of this month. Encountered a snafu - when applying, they needed to verify my identity but could not because they used a credit score company to do so - and I have no credit score. Had to scan in my driver's license and submit it to the site and am still waiting to hear from them. I check daily.

July 17, 2014


Typical Florida summer, storms daily. On Tuesday evening, the power went out for about an hour and a half. We weren't suffering, just kept still and cool and didn't open the fridge/freezer at all. When the power was restored, we were told that it was an underground line that had fried. Not surprised, because all of the above ground wiring in the neighborhood has been replaced in the past few years, leading to us rarely ever having power issues anymore.

Breathing has become more difficult in the past few days, no where near as bad as it was, but enough that it is noticeable. I've been rather lethargic for the past few days as well. Going to bring that up to the doc on Monday.

When I got out of the hospital last week, I dropped an email off to my dad. Of course, he's inundated me with "insulin kills" emails. Just freaking lovely. I delete them without reading. My mom told my sister, who called twice but I ignored them. She dropped me an email, which I did respond telling her thank you for all the advice, I was taught it all at hospital, and I'm not answering the phone right now trying to avoid stress. Both  my father and my sister are big stress triggers so avoidance is best. My mother is a big one as well, but I cannot avoid her like I can them. I just keep it light and short when she calls and try not to get worked up.

On the good news front, my blood pressure is slowly getting down - I haven't had a reading in the red in a few days. My glucose levels are slowly lowering as well.

July 15, 2014


Went to the doctor's appointment on Friday. Was hesitant at first (it was very sterile, clinical and bilingual) but felt at ease soon. Everyone was nice and I really liked the two doctors I saw. I go back next week for a check up. They were able to work out my insulin issues (sliding scale). Went to Publix afterward, and they had insulin back in supply and I was able to get my prescriptions filled, including an inhaler. It was so stressful to grocery shop though and I didn't do too good of a job.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were very quiet. It's difficult getting back into the swing of things. Taking medicine on time, testing and recording everything that I do. *sigh*

I'm not as jittery as I was, but still am jittery enough to be very bothered by it. My glucose levels and blood pressure are up and down, all over the scale and do not make any sense to me.