May 23, 2015


I was dreaming that I was showing a friend how to use Mod Podge on her collages when Snoop Dogg walks up to me with a carton of eggs and whispers in my ear, "Girl, I don't think these eggs are good no more." and walks away.

May 20, 2015


Yes, I know, I'm really slacking off on the updating of my diary/blog.

Had an awful time with Rx last week. Picked some up on Tuesday and found out that there will be more ready on Wednesday. Waited until Thursday to pick up those because there were even more ready. Thursday evening, found out when I opened the box, the insulin bottle was broken and wasn't leaking because of the seal. I called them and they said to bring it back. Of course, I had already thrown the other bottle away, had to fish it out of the garbage and clean it good. Friday morning, I brought it back in just to have them all give me the stink eye like I broke it. You could tell that it happened at the factory and there was no way I could have done it because the bottle was deformed. (I don't know how it ever got past quality control.) Luckily they replaced it. I got real tired of going to the pharmacy. *sigh*

Took Sharky to chemo #5 on Thursday. I got to check out the offices and the chemo treatment room and meet the nurses. It was very clean and very nice. I stayed until almost 10 am then Mr. DW showed up to visit, so I left. Went on a few errands and enjoyed driving around.

Friday, Sharky came home early because it was injection day at the doctor's (to be taken 24 hrs after chemo finishes). After Petunia got home, we went to Sun-Ray Cinema and saw Mad Max: Fury Road. It was freaking AWESOME! I felt like I was a teen again, seeing the original 1st two movies. (I was lucky and got to see the original Mad Max in the theater because we had a local one that ran foreign films.) It was so worth seeing on the big screen.

Ran to Volde-mart on Saturday morning and then Petunia went out with OJO for the anti-prom party. They picked up a 3rd friend and went to Hawker's for dinner and then ran to Smoothie King and walked around 5 Points. They had a lot of fun.

Sunday morning, Sharky went over to Mr. DW's house and helped with some yard work.

Sharky came home for lunch on Monday because he was in a lot of pain and didn't have any medication on him. Went back when he was done.

Last night, we voted in the local mayor/sheriff election.

May 12, 2015


Last week went by pretty quick.

Made the Mother's Day cards and mailed them out on Tuesday. Everyone got theirs and seemed to like them. I put Petunia's freshman picture in each card and they all loved that of course.

Went to my doc appointment on Friday. Everything was ok and had blood drawn for lab. It sure was nice to drive myself instead of having someone else do it.

Saturday morning, Sharky went sailing and came home and passed out from exhaustion. When he got up, he wanted to take me out to dinner for Mother's Day. I chose Julington Creek Fish Camp and we drove down to the southern part of Mandarin. Huge mistake - it wasn't a "fish camp", it was a freaking yacht club with a dress code and valet parking. What a disappointment. Sharky called a friend who said my second choice, Singleton's Seafood Shack, was a better deal. So, we drove all the way to the top of Mayport, next to the ferry. OK, I drove and loved every minute of it.

It was exactly what we wanted but horrendously expensive. I had no idea. Totally blew our budget. LOL Sharky kept saying not to worry about it. It was incredibly delicious and I got to have fried oysters (yum!). We did have a lot of fun.

Mother's Day dinner was at Mr. DW's house. He invited a new girl friend of his for us to meet. She was Russian and quite nice. He made a pot roast and sent the leftovers home with us, which we had last night.

Bear called during dinner and it was fun to hear from him. He was going with his friend & family to a waterfall. Bug wasn't able to call, but he did text and then called last night to say he was sorry and that he loved me. Had a good convo and then he called Sharky for another hour. LOL

I'm really enjoying my little car.

Sharky put the a/c in the house last night and it has really helped us out a lot, especially since it hit the 90s yesterday and will be for the rest of the week.

May 11, 2015


It opened this morning.

May 10, 2015

Hibiscus Repotting Update

Doing well after a scary time when many leaves turned yellow and died. Lots of new growth (tiny leaves) and two large buds (pink or red) that hopefully will open soon. It's new home on the mini wall seems to be good, with enough light and just out of downpour reach of the roof.

May 5, 2015


Well, it's been one heck of a weekend.

Sharky has not been doing well, very achey with a hard time sleeping. Came home early on Friday but we went over to Cousin GG's house for dinner. His mom slept there while M&M stayed at a hotel. They had a huge spaghetti dinner. (Yes, my whole diet was shot and my blood sugar ended up being high most of the weekend, but luckily within normal levels.) Had to tell the cancer story many times over the weekend. Got pretty sick of it by the end.

Had an impulse that I acted upon that could have had a bad ending but it worked out in the end. As we were trying to leave, I told Sharky to show everyone his (not-quite bald head - it's really quite fuzzy). He objected but gave in and I made his mom touch it. She thought it was funny and kept saying "I like men ball." Now remember, she's Italian and reverses words all the time (makes sense in Italian but not English) and has a bad habit of not enunciating words completely, and really meant to say "I like bald men." After she repeated it a couple of times, I said "I like men balls too, but that isn't something we talk about in public, Grandma." (pointing to Petunia). If I had actually thought it out ahead of time, I never would have said it but I have a bad habit of blurting out things like that. LOL Luckily everyone got a good laugh out of it, including MIL.

Came back for breakfast Saturday morning. Held my tongue when BIL started spouting off that having odd-colored hair (blue, green, etc.) was "in his experience" a gateway to severe personality disorders that led to drug addiction. I did try and say something, but I kept getting shut up because in their "expert opinion" no one else's opinion matters. I think he's totally full of shit, but as I said, I behaved and said nothing after my opinion was rebuffed.

After breakfast, Petunia went Xian bookstore shopping with MIL, SIL & DG's daughter. (SIL is planning on opening a Xian bookstore.) When I saw Petunia again, later that day, she said she did have fun, so I'm glad. They also treated her out to lunch.

Sharky and BIL dropped me off at the house and they went car shopping (left the truck at GG's). Yes, supposedly Jesus told BIL to buy us a car. Sharky wasn't optimistic about it, but later on, I got a call from him with a VIN number to call the insurance agent with and have the policy papers faxed over to a dealership. Not too long after, Sharky pulled into the driveway and honked. It was a 2005 Chrysler Sebring convertible. It sure didn't look like a 10 year old car. It is beautiful. It was bought as is, no warranty, because the dealership got it in an auction lot and were planning on getting rid of it that way (along with 100s of others). The only things wrong with it, it needs a gasket replaced and a regulator installed for a rear window motor. The top is pristine and the body is in excellent shape. The air conditioning works excellent as well.

I'm still in a bit of shock over it. I'm sure I didn't express enough gratitude, but then I have a hard time with emoting things like that - always have. I hope they did not have an ulterior motive for this, and am trying hard to believe they did this for good reasons. It made me very uncomfortable when they kept saying that they never want to spend money normally, but Jesus told BIL to do it to help us out. I told my mom and she said she hopes Jesus tells them next year to buy us central a/c for the house. LOL

Saturday evening was fun. DG went all out and decorated everything like a luau for MIL's birthday and Cousin AG's graduation. Lots of kebabs, potato salad and baked beans with cupcakes for dessert.

There was a really awkward moment when MIL started telling Sharky not to grow his beard back when the chemo is over with. Sharky insisted that he liked it and wanted it back. That led him into telling the story of how I got my dreadlocks (I told him that if he shaved his goatee/beard/mustache into a really ugly Hulk Hogan thing I was going to dread my hair whether he liked it or not).  MIL, sitting next to me kept looking at me out of the corner of her eye. I then went into saying that Sharky was 49 years old and he can have his hair/beard any way he wants to. I made the mistake of saying that I was 48 and while I conformed for many years, I believe that I am old enough to do what I want, including my hair. She narrowed her eyes and sort of shook her head in puzzlement. She said, "Well it looks like you need to comb it out a bit." I told her no, I wash my hair a couple of times a week, it's clean and I'm happy with it. She then asked when I combed it - after I washed it? I told her no, I never comb it. Then, a pause, and she said "So it's supposed to look like that?" I embarrassed myself by laughing out loud, very loudly. I guess it was not what I was expecting to hear. We changed the subject before it got any weirder.

The next morning, Sharky was really in a lot of pain so Petunia and I dropped him off at GG's house and we went to Volde-mart and did our grocery shopping all by ourselves. LOL Everyone but GG was at church, so Sharky laid down and took a nap. Petunia and I put all the groceries away when we got home and I laid down because my hip was killing me. After lunch, they called us and we went back over and spent some time looking at GG & DG's vacation pictures before everyone said goodbye and left.

After we got home, Sharky wanted to go out to eat. A friend had given him a gift card, so we went to Longhorn's Steakhouse for dinner. It was pretty good.

Monday morning, Sharky dropped the car off at the garage around the corner to have the rear left window wedged up. It needs a regulator for the motor and he can fix it when we find one. Right now, money will be tight for a couple of weeks due to him being home sick and losing pay.

So, today I'm all alone with my car. I thought it would be fun to run some errands. *sigh* It's about to rain, so top stays up. Ran to the library at 10 but it doesn't open until 1. Had to pick up rx, but those won't be ready until 1 as well. Oh well, guess I'll wait until Petunia gets home and then we'll go.

May 1, 2015


Had a fantastic time last night at Carmine's. Got there about 6:30 pm and even though it was more crowded than we've seen it, we were seated almost immediately. (Even had a great spot to park right out front. LOL)  Put our order in and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (Seven Bridges Abbey) showed up soon after. Petunia and I had a great time watching them. The makeup and costumes were perfect as always. Had a wonderful dinner: stuffed jalapeno appetizer, Natural Citizen stromboli, 2 Jersey Shore Fried Calzones, and a piece of cheesecake. Sharky didn't feel like drinking but I had a Duke's Cold Brown Nose beer from Bold City Brewery. (I love that beer so much.) The food and service was perfect and there were ladies from Dining Out for Life walking around, passing out swag.

When it came time to leave, I got up the courage and went over to the Sisters' table and asked if Sr. Margarita was there. She jumped right up and knew who I was. She was so sweet and we took a picture with her. I thanked her for letting us know about the event (which as usual, I had not heard about - always after the fact for me *sigh*). She promised to keep sharing event info with everyone. (And gave the other Sisters a "told you so" LOL)

As far as I know, it's still a go for the visit from my MIL, SIL & SIL's husband. They will be staying at Cousin G's house, thankfully. The plans so far is to visit them over there tonight when Sharky gets off of work and then tomorrow when Cousin G is planning a surprise birthday party for MIL (who's birthday was last week). I'm hoping and praying that everyone is on their best behavior and not on the attack, looking for blame for Sharky's cancer. *fingers crossed*

April 30, 2015


Today is Sharky's lab test, he goes back to work after the blood draw and results.

Petunia has her geometry test (her worst class, but she's been studying) and she's staying after for bad practice.

If everything goes well with everyone, we'll be going to Carmine's for dinner for the charity fund raiser Dining Out for Life which raises money for people with AIDS (the money stays local). They are donating 50% of the profits, more than anyone else. The First Coast Sisters will be there as well, we've been dying to meet them (ok, Petunia and I have LOL). Definitely will be taking selfies.

April 29, 2015


The hibiscus is looking good. Doesn't seem to be shocked by the transplant so far. *fingers crossed*

Petunia stayed after school today (early out) to study for her geometry test.

Felinertia: Rosie was very needy today and kept coming over and walking across my lap like she was looking to lay down. I pulled my blanket out and put it right next to me, and she came right over and fell asleep. I guess she just wanted to snuggle and I'm not as comfy as Petunia? LOL