July 28, 2015


Sharky took a 1/2 day of work off yesterday to do all his doctor appointments. Went to the radiology place first and they fitted him with a mask, marked him with placement tattoos, and did a test run. They'll do another in 2 weeks, then schedule the radiation. He said it was absolutely horrible - the mask felt like a plastic garbage bag over his head, unable to see or breathe.

They ran late and I asked them to call his chemo doctor and let them know we were going to be late, thankfully they did. Sharky got his labs done and his port flushed. He doesn't have to go back for that until October.

Went home and had an early dinner. Sharky picked up Petunia from BB's house at 6 and then went to Publix to pick up his Rx.

Petunia was supposed to go over Mr. DW's house today and help him build a workbench, but she got a sunburn on Sunday and was a bit feverish and sore today. They will do it tomorrow instead.

Tony's kennel cough is getting worse. His eyes started watering last night. Playing telephone tag with the vets is getting very annoying. I called yesterday and they returned the call when I was in the shower. It was a five minute shower too. Geeze. I called back and haven't heard back from them. Called again this morning, no live person so I left another message. I'll call back at noon because we're worried. We've been giving him his medicine religiously every morning, and I thought the kennel cough would have cleared up by now.

July 27, 2015


Last Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment with fasting labs. (Petunia stayed home with Tony. Both behaved well. LOL) Hate those days, throws off everything and its hard to get back on schedule.

Thursday, Petunia went fishing with Mr. DW. They had a great time. Sharky accidentally locked his keys in the truck so I had to go down to his work so he didn't have to break into it. Stopped by Winn-Dixie and got more canned dog food and ice. Tony was left alone for not-quite 2 hours and behaved great.

Friday, Sharky got off of work early and we all went back to the radiation center. Turns out his PET scan went well, no signs of live cancer (doesn't mean it's not there, just that its undetectable). Afterwards, we drove to Arlington and were going to go to the brand new Pollo Tropical for dinner, but it was their opening day and was crazy busy. Sharky wanted to go to Outback instead. It was expensive but a good dinner.

Saturday morning, we went to Volde-mart for groceries and I don't know what happened, but when we got home, I was in serious pain. I didn't walk the full way in the morning with Tony because my hips hurt and it just got progressively worse. By Sunday morning, I was still too sore to walk, so Sharky walked him for me.

Sunday was the only day I missed walking him, we walk every morning from here to the school and back. This morning, we made it a block before the school before turning around and coming home.

Sunday, Petunia went with BB and her mom to Adventure Landing and the beach. Ended up spending the night at their house.

July 20, 2015

Tony Elliott on TV

I found out that he was on the noon edition of First Coast News Friday, 17Jul2015. We missed that episode.

Tony's Story (Monday)

This weekend was stressful, weird and amazing.

Saturday morning, Sharky told us to get ready right after breakfast because he wanted to go walk around the Mega Adoption event at the fairgrounds, hosted by Jax Humane Society (JHS) and other shelters. He told us that we were just going there to look and to see how it all worked. He even emphatically stated that 3 heartbeats were in the car on the way there and there would be 3 on the way home.

We got there not long after it opened. We had to enter through the cat room which made me cry. Got into the dog room, and the noises and the smells were almost overwhelming. It did get to be a bit much and I had to munch on Altoids to stop from throwing up.

We walked through once, made a complete circuit. I saw a lot of dogs that looked interesting. (I did not look at any howling, or with notes that said "only dog", "no cats", or "no kids".) We stopped back in the lobby where I took a bathroom break. We decided to go back and look at two dogs that had caught our eye.

Sharky had seen a hound dog mix named Buddy but when we walked around, we couldn't find him - he had probably already been adopted.

I had seen Elliot. He was a smallish white boxer mix, 50 lbs, and about 4 years of age. He was completely oblivious to the other dogs, very calm, and the only one in the whole place who truly gave me eye contact when I greeted him. The first time I saw him, a volunteer gave me the whole "He's telling you to bring him home" and I gave him a look and told him I was barely keeping it together as it was without him pressuring me like that. He took it the right way, thankfully, and patted me on the arm and said he understood. When we came back, another volunteer was there and she put him on a slip-leash and we all went outside to see him in a different environment. He didn't really pay attention, was very distracted by the grass and the sun and all the other dogs out there. He was very friendly and I thought he appeared to be well behaved.

Went back inside and I went to the JHS booth and another volunteer looked him up for me. He was a transfer from the pound, was neutered, heartworm positive, had kennel cough and had dental surgery. Other than a note that he was sweet, there was no more info.

We decided to go get something to eat and go home. I was very sad but understood. Had a brief bite at a Krystal's downtown. Didn't eat much, my stomach was very upset.

Then, after we were home a bit, Sharky and Petunia went to lay down in their respective rooms and I went on Facebook. The first damn thing that popped up was a JHS post that said "This is my harrumph face. I was a TV star yesterday, and today I still don't have a home. :-( Please come adopt me. I will love you forever. -Elliott" I shared it to Sharky's page then went in the bathroom and vomited. Then I cried.

Sharky came out and said we were going back. We raced to the bank (the Mega Adoption took cash or check only) and then back down to the fairgrounds. I had prepared myself in case he was gone, because the FB post had blown up with people writing they were interested in him. He was still there. Sharky stayed at his cage and I went back to the JHS tent and did all the paperwork. All his heartworm treatment was covered by "Doc Tony" an animal loving lawyer here in town that does a lot of good work with the various shelters. The volunteer put a slip-leash on him and walked him to the front for us.

OK, he pulled through the parking lot and was uber-excited by everything - but it wasn't more than I could handle. Petunia fixed a towel in the back seat and he jumped right on in. Rode in the car like a champ, like he's been doing it his whole life.

On the way home, we realized that we didn't have a collar or leash or food. Sharky remembered a Pet Supermarket on Roosevelt near the recruiting stations so we went there first. Elliot was such a good boy and behaved wonderfully in the store. (Poor Gabby dog would have gone beserk.) He sniffed but didn't touch anything that wasn't his. We got a collar, a leash, and a harness to walk him with. Also grabbed a bag of dry food, 2 cans, and a little bag of treats. Sharky wanted to buy him dishes, but I insisted we save the money and just use Gabby's old ones. They were still in good shape, just dusty from 2 years of storage.

On the way home, we decided to change his name. He did not respond to Elliot at all. I even asked if he was deaf (just in case) but was told no - he had no name when he was transferred to JHS from the pound and only had it for a couple of weeks. Petunia loved the name Tony and we decided it fit him better. He also started to respond to it right away. So his official name now is Tony Elliot.

Sunday morning, we got up, took him out (no accidents), gave him medicine and fed him, and then I put on his harness and took him for a walk. He is the perfect walking dog. He doesn't pull and while he does sniff, he does so while walking. He only stops to pee and he does that super fast. He saw other dogs and walkers and ignored them, even when barked at. He didn't bat an eye at the stray cat next door or any birds or lizards.

As for our cats? Well... When he first walked in the door, Lucie-loo walked right up to him and kissed him on the nose. She's decided since that she is not thrilled with him and is primarily hanging out between our bedroom and Petunia's. He went up to her later on and she smacked him hard, cutting the very top of his nose. (I put neosporin on it but he licked it off. Cannot even see it today.) Rosie goes all Halloween Kitty when she sees him, but doesn't hiss or howl - just meeps. Kinda funny. She's also going back and forth between the two bedrooms. He did chase her at one point, but he responds well to "NO". Rupert is in the back bedroom on his Mount Box. He hasn't been down as far as I know.  The cat food is on a tray table near the back bedroom. Petunia saw with her own eyes that the two girls ate this morning when I walked Tony. Its out of sight so Rupert can get to it without worrying.

It just takes time, that's all. Took them a week to get used to Daisey - as soon as they did, she left. LOL

He slept the first night partially in the hallway and then I found him on the couch in the morning. Last night, he slept almost the whole night with his head on an old pillow I gave him in the living room. If you tell him, he'll get on the couch, but only for a moment and then gets right back off. Guess he wasn't a couch dog? When we are sitting on the couch, he lays in Gabby's old spot - right up against the couch at it's foot. Really cute.

Tony wasn't very affectionate towards Sharky on Saturday, basically ignored him. I think what did the trick was him giving the medicine on Sunday morning. Between that and the food, he now views Sharky as a caregiver and is affectionate. Perhaps he didn't have a male in his life before?

All in all, my instincts were right again. I confessed to Sharky that Saturday morning, before I woke, I dreamt of a white dog - not a main character in the dream but a background figure. Kind of prescient, if you ask me, since I lean towards brown, blue or brindle and females. A white male dog is pretty much NOT what we were looking for. LOL

July 17, 2015


Went to Volde-mart this morning to pick up sundries that are, frankly, only affordable at this discount hell. Things like vitamins and deodorant, etc. *sigh* I did find a natural deodorant for myself. Gave it a try, makes me feel like I have "dog lick" pits (as Sharky calls them) until it dries, but it works and hopefully doesn't break me out like every other kind out there. Treated Petunia to Taco Bell for lunch. I cannot say no to that child.

Rupert and the lizards

Death count this week: 2 lizards and 2 palmetto bugs. (Rosie and Lucie-loo are responsible for the bugs' demise.) There was a lizard living behind the stove. We thought it was one of the two Rupert slaughtered but now I don't think so. He's back to hunting the crack between the stove and the counter.

I so don't want to find another tiny corpse in my kitchen. Or a part of one. (Shudder) Is there a Lizard Goddess I can petition? Goodness knows, Bast is no help, I'm sure she's egging Rupert on.

I believe this is directly related to the hugs & treats campaign I've been doing. Rupert is very sweet but not very demonstrative (doesn't like to be held), so I've been hugging him then giving him treats as an award.  It's been working wonderfully until now. Is this his way of thanking me? Or perhaps punishing me for loving him too much?


Sharky's great idea: Replace Buckingham Palace guards with cats . They can stand still and stare all day long. Until they decide to lick their ass. Oops.

July 16, 2015


Had a great time at the Yelp "party" last night - a guided tour and tasting at a Whole Foods grocery store on the Mandarin/Southside area. The food was great and it was fun seeing the ladies I met last time and meeting a couple of new ones. Petunia did an excellent job on my makeup and I felt great.

Ran to Publix this morning to pick up syringes and then we went to The Fresh Market to take advantage of their Thursday Meal Deal (fresh burgers, brioche buns, chips, cole slaw, corn, cookies). Petunia was amazed at the place. She'd freak if I took her to Whole Foods but that is just too far away.

July 15, 2015

Getting ready for the party


Last week, on Tuesday, we went over to CS's house and played with Baby Bug. TBoo took us to Famous Amos for breakfast. We also got to meet JB (Bear's on again, off again gf). TBoo left around 6 pm that night and they got home around 3 am on Wednesday. I'm so glad they got home safe and sound.

Petunia went over to Mr. DW's house last Thursday and helped him paint and install fencing in his yard. There was a branch that came down and took out a section of it a few days before. They had a lot of fun, as usual.

Sharky went sailing on Sunday and had a great time. The wind wasn't blowing and he got a bit burned but as long as he had a good time, that is all that matters. That afternoon, he took Petunia to an empty parking lot and started her practicing driving the truck. Wow. LOL

I'm going to a Yelp event tonight at a Whole Foods. I hope it will be fun.

Lizard Haikus

Rupert loves lizards
Beheads them in my kitchen
RIP lil dude.

Found another one.
How many are living here?
Cats love living toys.

I can't handle this.
I'm going back to bed now.
Rupert's mad at me.

July 14, 2015

PET Scan

Sharky had the PET scan this afternoon. He came home from work and we drove him there. It was easier this way.

Didn't take too long, about 45 minutes. They injected radioactive material into his veins and told him he'd be radioactive for about 15 hours or so. I hope he glows in the dark. *snerk*

July 11, 2015

Cancer update

Went to doctor yesterday morning. They are arranging Sharky to have a PET scan next week. That is a lot like a CT scan, but in color. It will help to show if the cancer in the tumor under his sternum is alive or dead. If it is dead, he will go through radiation treatments, daily for 18-20 sessions, to make sure all the cells are dead. If it is still alive, then the doctors will have a meeting on what to do next - either biopsy, more chemo or radiation, or a combo of 2 or 3. So, we will not know anything until his next official appointment on July 24.

July 5, 2015


Tried to go to the library on Friday but found out it was closed. Won't be able to go until Tuesday. (Libraries are closed on Mondays.)

Tomorrow I have a mammogram scheduled. Ugh.

The radiation people called Sharky Thursday at like 4:59 pm and left a message on his phone to call back to schedule his appointment. He didn't hear the phone because he was leaving work and of course, they closed at 5 pm and didn't answer the phone (even though he called just moments after they did). They were closed on Friday, of course. I truly hope that they are open on Monday so he can make the appointment. The sooner, the better, to get this all over with.

I called the boys last week on Wednesday and told them about it. I told Petunia and TBoo first that morning and just left texts for the boys to call me when they had a moment. (Bear is on HI time, 5 hours behind and Bug is on night shift, so he sleeps days.)

Truck battery is totally dead and Sharky & Petunia looked for an affordable one yesterday. They finally had to go to Volde-mart this morning and found a decent one.

They found a dead blue jay in the back yard, so Sharky dug a hole and buried him for me. Petunia said he wasn't tore up (like by a cat) but was floppy, so Sharky thought he most likely hit something and broke his neck.

July 4, 2015

Independence Day

Went grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie today because they are donating all their profits to the Wounded Warrior Project today only. The cashier said she loved my beautiful dreads. Made my day.