December 17, 2014


Got half of the holiday cards out in the mail. Will work on Bear's present this afternoon so we can mail it asap.

My turkey chicken soup turned out delicious (turkey stock, roast chicken, noodles, mixed veggies, garbanzo beans and lots of mushrooms). Petunia wasn't very thrilled by it of course. *sigh* Sometimes I think she really does not like my cooking. Sharky said he liked it though.

Woke up about an hour before the alarm went off to the sounds of Rupert throwing up in the hallway. Ugh. Just lovely. At least it wasn't on the carpet or in the bed, right?

There is just so much to do, I'm trying not to get upset, panicky or frustrated. *sigh* Making lists is helping for once because I'm actually using them as a guideline.

December 15, 2014


The nerve of some people. Yesterday afternoon, Sharky was standing in our tiny front yard with the lights shaped like candles to hang on the house and a rake, and can you believe two bike cops on patrol stopped by and wanted to know (1) if he lived here and (2) what was he doing? He told them no, he didn't live here and he just liked going to random people's houses and decorating for them. Luckily they realized that he was joking. *rolls eyes* I asked him if the "do you live here" was serious or just a conversation starter, and he said they seemed very serious. Why? Yes, his hair was sticking up all over his head and he was wearing a baja, but who doesn't look scruffy while working in their own yard? Its not something one dresses up for, right?

Didn't decorate the tree until yesterday. Petunia and I did that while Sharky was outside. As I was unpacking the ornaments, I was separating out BigBug's to bring to him for his tree. He's very excited about that. I told Bear that I would do the same when he gets married but he laughed at me and said that is never going to happen. *sigh*

Sharky went out to the boat Saturday morning and then we went to the grocery store when he got home. Yesterday morning, he and Petunia ran over to Mr. DW's house and then picked up some lights on the way home. Also got Whataburger for lunch. Good, but a mistake. One sandwich was 3/4 of my day's allowance of calories. Yeah, wtf, I know. Last time I say "surprise me". I need to learn what I can eat to fit into my diet and tell them what to get. Sharky forgets that I cannot have regular soda. Stopped for gas on the way to groceries and grabbed me a caffiene free soda. He means well.

Had a talk with BigBug last night when he called. I told him that we were planning on going up there and we were being positive and preparing for it, but there was a slim chance that we might not be able to rent a car. We have the money, and the rental place still takes debit, but last time I tried they turned me away on a technicality. I'm afraid of that happening again. I have to stay positive.

December 13, 2014


Still suffering, on and off, from that headache. Ugh.

Got the tree out yesterday and up, but not decorated. Will do that later today. Going to sort out ornaments for BigBug.

Sharky went to the boat this morning but it was too cold to sail. Going grocery shopping at Volde-mart in a few.

BabyBug is doing great. Had the 3 of them send me a family selfie for the Xmas card. Putting a pic of all of us on it, should be ready this weekend - being printed at a photo place in a drug store. Might do a holiday letter with it, not sure right now.

Been fighting with the healthcare website. All that work I did wasn't accepted and yesterday, the site kept crashing and was put on eternal hold on the phone. Got on the site this am and was able to finish the application but am not sure it was accepted. Tried to call, to no avail. Will wait until later and try again. If I don't get it done by Monday, I'll have nothing at all.

December 9, 2014


BigBug & TBoo took BabyBug to the doctor this morning for tests, he was looking a little jaundiced. Haven't heard back yet, hopefully it can be easily corrected. I know first hand how scary that can be, with all 3 of my urchins going thru that.

The fridge is making weird noises. Very stressful.

Still have a headache. It's bad enough right now that my vision is blurry on the edges. I need to sleep, but cannot until Petunia gets home. Going to have to do my glucose test and insulin in a few minutes and then eat. Fun, fun, fun. Not. I have to make a sandwich because Sharky & Petunia accidentally bought the wrong tv dinners at the store. No loss, Sharky can take them to work, but it's hard on me to make a sandwich when my head hurts so freaking bad. Just nuking something for 3 minutes is so much simpler and less likely to cut my finger. Ha ha.

December 8, 2014


Turns out that Sharky and Mr. DW did sail yesterday, but it was rough. I wasn't feeling well, so he and Petunia ran to the store for me.

Finally was able to finish up the reapplication of the health care stuff today. Now I have to wait on them.

I should not shower when I don't feel well and I'm alone in the house. The hot water felt great but I was dizzy and had a hard time trying not to fall. I've had the worst headache now for 4 days and I thought the shower would help, but it didn't. The worst part is the headache makes me nauseous but I still have to eat. Ugh.

December 7, 2014

Just a dream


Turns out the concert yesterday was pretty much a bust. I feel bad. Sharky is at the boat this morning, most likely won't sail because the weather is not supposed to be good for that.

BigBug and TBoo were able to go home yesterday afternoon. First night with the baby!

December 6, 2014


I wonder what happened to all my posts? Not saved in drafts sadly. *sigh* I hate when they just disappear like that.

BigBug and TBoo went to the hospital Thursday morning for her to be induced. Luckily, when she showed up, she was already in labor! BabyBug (a junior lol) made his appearance at 1610 that afternoon. He weighed 9 pounds 1 ounce and was 21 inches long. We got to see pictures and he's huge and beautiful and oh so alert.

Yesterday, Bear left at the crack of dawn and flew home to HI. Today, TBoo's mom drove home. Supposedly sometime today, TBoo and BabyBug will be discharged and sent home.

Today, Sharky, Petunia and BB are going to the Sugar Cane Festival in St. Augustine to see some bands. I hope they have fun.

December 3, 2014


After Sharky got home, we went to the Chinese buffet and had a great dinner. He got birthday calls from his dad & smom and after we got home, a nice long call from both boys (at the same time, on speaker lol). I hope he had a nice time. Petunia and I made him a card but were unable to get him what he wanted, the new Bill Nye book. Will have to hit Chamblin's to get it, not this weekend but next.

No news on the baby. Definitely tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

December 2, 2014

Sharky's Birthday (Tuesday)

Sharky turns 49 today. After work, he wants to go to the new Chinese buffet we went to a few weeks ago. Sounds good to me.

Huge SWAT team in the 'hood this morning, just blocks away. Took Sharky almost a half hour to get Petunia to school. Luckily the news announced the person they were looking for was apprehended without incident.

Speaking of without incident, no baby news yet. Couple of false alarms, but that's it. She most likely will be induced on the 4th (2 days from now). *sigh*

My mother had a bad tooth ache and had to go to the doctor for antibiotics. She's totally miserable right now.

November 28, 2014

Black Friday

Didn't spend a dime or go shopping. Sharky and Petunia did run to the store and picked up my rx, but that doesn't count.

Yesterday was great. Got up early and had a nice breakfast, then baked a large pineapple pecan upside down cake. I had a freakout moment when it was done and I had to invert it onto a platter. Only thing I had big enough was my turkey platter and that's not flat, but would have to do because it's prettier than a foil lined cookie sheet (only other option). I told Petunia to get her dad (to get her out of the room so no one was watching) and did a one/two/three/flipperoo. It worked and turned out great. One pineapple stuck (I could see it thru the glass pan) and I tapped the bottom and it popped right off onto the cake. Couldn't even tell which one it was. LOL

When that was down, wrapped up and cooling, I started on the green bean cassserole. (Made the cranberry sauce on Wednesday.) Sharky packed up the food in a cardboard box with towels and we made it over to Mr. DW's house around 2:30.

Had "dinner" around 3:30. It was delicious. He did a dry brine (salted in and out for 24 hours, then rinsed good before cooking) and it was, hands down, the best turkey I've ever had. My green beans turned out awesome and so did the cranberry sauce. The cake was delicious. (Had a piece tonight, even better with time!)

All in all, we had a really nice time and ate like fools. Mr. DW kept everything he wanted and packed up the rest for us. I asked if we could have the turkey carcass and he was more than happy to hand it over to us after carving off the meat he wanted.  (I plan on stripping it, roasting the bones, and then making stock in the crock pot. One of my fave things to do.)

Another good thing, even after eating like we did, my glucose levels were still within normal range. I was so thrilled about that.


Woke up this morning to see some weird things on FB. Turns out, after messaging a friend for more info, that a lady I knew, Lola/Grace passed away last night. I never met her in person, but she sent me a friend request about 2+ years ago and we had two close friends in common (small world). We chatted off and on and I always wanted to meet up with her during one of the local events she helped run. She was a lovely lady with a daughter joining the USMC and twin boys in high school. Her boyfriend died last year, on Christmas eve, in a horrible truck crash while at work. (It was all over the news.) When I first heard she had passed away, I'm sad to say that my immediate thought was that I hoped she hadn't committed suicide. The last thing I had seen from her was talking about the anniversary of his death coming up and how hard it was going to be. I was even more shocked to find out that she had died due to complications with asthma. I knew she had it, had even been hospitalized recently because of it, but still. What a horrible way to die. Not being able to breathe is so scary, I know and even what I went through wasn't as bad as what some people experience. Such a shock. Rest in Peace, all Hail the Traveler.