July 5, 2015


Tried to go to the library on Friday but found out it was closed. Won't be able to go until Tuesday. (Libraries are closed on Mondays.)

Tomorrow I have a mammogram scheduled. Ugh.

The radiation people called Sharky Thursday at like 4:59 pm and left a message on his phone to call back to schedule his appointment. He didn't hear the phone because he was leaving work and of course, they closed at 5 pm and didn't answer the phone (even though he called just moments after they did). They were closed on Friday, of course. I truly hope that they are open on Monday so he can make the appointment. The sooner, the better, to get this all over with.

I called the boys last week on Wednesday and told them about it. I told Petunia and TBoo first that morning and just left texts for the boys to call me when they had a moment. (Bear is on HI time, 5 hours behind and Bug is on night shift, so he sleeps days.)

Truck battery is totally dead and Sharky & Petunia looked for an affordable one yesterday. They finally had to go to Volde-mart this morning and found a decent one.

They found a dead blue jay in the back yard, so Sharky dug a hole and buried him for me. Petunia said he wasn't tore up (like by a cat) but was floppy, so Sharky thought he most likely hit something and broke his neck.

July 4, 2015

Independence Day

Went grocery shopping at Winn-Dixie today because they are donating all their profits to the Wounded Warrior Project today only. The cashier said she loved my beautiful dreads. Made my day.

July 2, 2015

Call Blocking

Thank goodness for call blocking/auto reject.

I just got a call from a woman demanding to know why I keep calling "her man, Smitty." I told her she had the wrong number, I hadn't used the phone all day. She called me a liar and started yelling at me to stop calling him. So, I hung up on her (can't slam phones any more darn it) and added her to the block/reject list.



TBoo, Baby Bug and Petunia left Tuesday night about 5 pm on their way home. Due to bad weather, potty breaks, and frequent resting, they arrived at TBoo's mom's house about 3:30 a.m Wednesday. I got a text from them about 7:30 begging me to come over and help with Baby Bug.

Baby Bug slept most of the car ride and slept a bit when they arrived at CS's house, but then woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep. I came over and fed and played with him while they tried to sleep. TBoo got a couple of hours, thankfully. Left about 12:30 and took Petunia home.

June 29, 2015


Spent most of the weekend by myself. Sharky left at about 5:30 Saturday morning and drove to his boss's house and then they rode together to a convention in Orlando (truck stayed, it couldn't have made the trip). They had a great time, lots of food and vendors and cars on display.

I went to the store on Sunday. Woohoo. Sharky came home right before 2 pm.

This morning was depressing as fuck. Sharky's appointment was last Thursday but he rescheduled it for this morning. He came home afterward, before going to work, to let me know that he was done with chemo but the tumor under his sternum hadn't shrunk. They gave him a referral to another branch of the cancer associates so he can get radiation. He's upset, and I understand. We were so hoping that all of this was over with.

June 26, 2015


Sharky got the truck started and I went to my doctor's appointment yesterday. Pap smear came back clean, thank goodness. Definitely don't need more health problems.

Last night was the Yelp party at Kaika Teppanaki in 5 Points. Had a blast. Made some new friends, sampled some awesome food and some fun alcoholic drinks. Took lots of pics. LOL

This morning, I went to Shep's Discount store and, after searching what seemed like forever, found the "Color Your Own Tarot" kit in the kids' toy section (really not a fun place to dig). A friend, Amanda M., had posted about it in FB saying she had grabbed 2 of them the day before. It was only $5, I couldn't resist. I would have grabbed another, but it looked like the last copy. It has a book, a full color deck and a duplicate deck (B&W like a coloring book).

June 24, 2015


Had a very stressful but fun weekend.

Sharky had Friday off (and Monday) and we left about midnight Friday and drove up to NC to visit Bug, TBoo and Baby Bug. Spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday, and left about 5 pm Sunday night and drove home. We left Petunia behind so she could spend some time with them and TBoo will bring her back in 2 weeks.

Sunday was not only Father's Day, but it was my mom's birthday as well. I brought my laptop and got Skype up and going so she could talk to us and see Baby Bug. It was a lot of fun.

Got home about 2 am Monday morning and we were vegetables most of the day. Sharky is driving the car this week because the truck's battery is dead.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment so I will most likely drive him to work.

June 17, 2015


Last Friday, I dropped Petunia back at KIPP so she could attend the graduation ceremony. She had a couple of friends in the 8th grade and she wanted to be there to support them. We swung by DQ on the way home and picked up Blizzards as a treat for all 3 of us.

Sharky had a bad weekend, but it wasn't as bad as we feared it would be. Definitely less than the time before. He spent some time with Mr. DW helping out and went to the store with us on Sunday.

Monday, made a birthday card for my mom and burned Baby Bug's pics on a CD for her and packed up Petunia's portrait that MB made. Tuesday, we dropped it off at the post office. I was going to make Father's Day cards but the ink on the printer pooped out, so we ran to Walgreen's this morning and got some cards to mail today.

It's been horrid hot, not nice at all. The poor little window a/c is working its hardest.

June 11, 2015


Petunia spent Tuesday night at BB's and then went to Sun-Ray on Wednesday with her, Garrett, and Cecil to see a free showing of Wreck It Ralph. They had a good time. OJO brought her home in the afternoon.

Sharky went for his labs today, his white blood count was low, but it has been lower in the past. Just got to keep feeding him right and try to stay stress free.

I went to my doctor's practice women's clinic for pap. Ugh. I hate those. Have to go back in 2 weeks for the result. I talked to the PA and she said I most likely was not peri-menopausal, since I didn't exhibit any of the tell-tale symptoms. She offered to do a blood work up but I passed on it. I have to call tomorrow and see if I can schedule a mammogram.

Petunia is staying after at KIPP to help out and attend the concert. Her principal, Mr. B, will drive her home (he lives in the neighborhood).

June 9, 2015

Geocache #2

The CoRK cache, log only, container gone.


Had fun on Saturday. Met up with MB & BB at Karpeles Manuscript Museum to see the displays and the Springfield art (MB was one of the artists showcased). Afterwards, Petunia and I went to Klutho Park next door and found my first Geocache. It was a bit challenging to figure out how to do it, but we did it. LOL

Sharky was pretty much a couch potato all weekend, going from sitting at his desk to laying in bed. He was in so much pain, he couldn't do much of anything. We tried, but didn't push it.

Monday, Petunia started volunteering at KIPP during the day. Its their last week of school and the principal asked the alumni to come and help. Petunia said there were only 4 that showed. She was "paid" with a Taco Bell lunch (which made her happy lol). The only day she's not going is Wednesday because that is her day out with BB and boyfriends.

June 6, 2015

Geocache #1

Frisbie Flyby at Klutho Park in Springfield