October 22, 2014


Laptop started up ok this morning but the browser froze at 3 tabs. Had to stop it using the Task manager and restart it. Seems to be working ok right now. *fingers crossed*

Have a lot planned for this weekend. I think. I need to get on the ball and finish Petunia's costume.

October 21, 2014


My computer seems to be working well this morning. *knock on wood*

I took a shower after Petunia got home from school (still to scared of falling to do it without anyone else at home). Used the dread shampoo bar I bought, the sandalwood/tonka bean scented one. In the shower, I swear, it smelled like Vanilla Coca Cola. Mmm. Surprising, but I liked it. It sudsed up lovely and rinsed out beautifully. It was a really nice treat, I'm so glad I bought it. (I also have a patchouli scented one but I'm saving that for when this one runs out. The lady who makes them tucked in a small sample of a Nag Champa scented bar as well.)

October 20, 2014


My hard drive is dying on this laptop. Makes me so sad. I don't know what to do if it dies. I can always use Sharky's or Petunia's, but it's awkward using someone else's and not your own. Replacing it is out of the question, it's low on the list of financial expenditures.

Sharky went sailing with Mr. DW yesterday and then, when he got home, we went to Volde-mart to shop. Got a scale too. Of course, Petunia found a Batman zip hoodie in the men's section and just had to have it. It's black with a yellow Batman logo on the front and little pointed bat ears on the hood. It was really cute and we managed to find a small to fit her. She washed it last night and wore it to school today. (Yes, it's kinda cool out, we've had the a/c off for a while.)

Bug & Tboo moved on base this past weekend and he called Saturday night to let us know they were in (and texted us the address). Thank goodness. It will be so much better for them, and safer too.

Another hurricane threat (Ana?) to Hawai'i this weekend but it pooped out and they didn't get much more than rain. Bear is so over all the storm hysteria. He feels like he's an "expert" because he was born and raised in Florida. LOL

Tried to talk to Sharky about getting a dog last night. He said we can, when the house gets fixed. *sigh*

October 19, 2014


The library meeting Thursday night went well. They had the city engineer in charge of the project speak to a large (!) crowd and let us know what they've done with the construction and rebuilding the drainage to prevent future flooding. The library is set to reopen mid-January 2015.

Sharky dropped me off at the lung-cardio doctor on Friday morning and it went well. I don't have to go back until February. Yeah! Mr. DW picked me up and drove me home. Have to do it again this coming Friday, with my regular doctor. They didn't weigh me yesterday and I forgot to ask, but they will do it next week. Got my fingers crossed for good results.

Petunia was supposed to be picked up by her friend KMQ (and her mom) yesterday at 10:30 am. They kept texting her "they were on their way" but we finally gave up at 1:30 pm and had to go get something to eat. I had all sorts of plans for yesterday and it all got shot to hell. They finally said they'd pick her up at almost 4 pm and I finally just said to forget it. Sad to say, it was for KMQ's birthday and her mom just couldn't get it together. I felt really bad for Petunia because she wanted to see her friend and had even bought her a present and everything.

Well, we had lunch at Lola's Burrito Joint and I ate 1/2 my burrito and had the other 1/2 for dinner that night. I'm sure the calorie & carb estimate was off (I just had to wing it) because it's not a chain so they don't have to have nutrition info for their foods. Afterward, we went to Walgreens to find an insulin travel pouch (they didn't have one) and then went to Murray Hill Library to pick up books. I was pretty bad off by that time, so I had to go home.

Was only home about 1/2 an hour when I saw a FB post about the ACPS (shelter) up the street needing a nebulizer. I threw my clothes on and we drove up the street to donate ours. They were thrilled to get one so fast. While we were there, I wanted to see the dogs. Only made it halfway through when I started crying and we had to leave. I saw one little girl, 9 mos. old, named Bambi - she was a black mouthed cur, and was so precious. Didn't bark or whine, just wanted kisses.

All I want is a dog to take walking with me, that's all. Sharky just refuses to get one because he says we aren't ready for one. I'm ready for one. I really am. I cried last night and this morning over it.

October 16, 2014


There's a meeting regarding the flooding at my (now) closed library. We're going. I'm terrified that they will decide to close it indefinitely, or something worse. I hope there is a good turnout of supporters so they realize they have to save it, no matter what.

I'm glad Petunia stayed home yesterday. She went from a little sniffly to full blown cold by lunch and napped most of the day. She's doing a lot better this morning, thank goodness.

October 15, 2014


We're letting Petunia stay home today because it's a testing day for the upperclassmen and the freshmen and sophomores will be stuck in classrooms just doing "busy work" all day long.

Has a hard day yesterday. Having a difficult time sleeping at night and cannot nap during the day. I try to stay up as long as I can at night so I will sleep deeper, but its hard to do.

October 14, 2014


When Sharky got home from work yesterday, we ran to Publix to grocery shop. I picked up a sympathy card for KN, a friend from high school, who's mom passed away from breast cancer last week. We tried to mail a get well card to Sharky's step-mom yesterday, until I realized that it was Columbus Day and there was no mail service. It's being mailed today.

Dread update: I worked on my hair yesterday, and loosely rubber-banded all the roots. I'm going to wash it today and tomorrow, when it's completely dry, going to do a bit of a wax treatment on it. One way I can tell my health has drastically improved from the time of my hospital stay is that I've had a record hair growth happen, and there is a ton of new hair all over my head not in dreads. Between the bands and the wax, it should help incorporate the loose hair into the locs. Like last time, the bands are only going to be on for a very short while, just to get it started.

Heard from BL, my step-mom, this morning via email. My dad is home now and recuperating, but she is now in charge of all the bills, etc., and COMPUTER STUFF, so she wrote to ask me to stop sending him stuff from Facebook. *dramatic sigh* Of course, I'm not doing it, it's FB's notifications, so I was nice and polite and wrote her back with explicit instructions on how to deactivate that function.

After I posted about my frustrations with diabetes trolls on FB, one of my oldest friends called me and when she realized that I was on insulin, she put me on the phone to her husband who will be starting it next week. The conversation started simple enough. He told me he was shipped a box of supplies and wanted to know if it had everything he needed in it. It did, except for alcohol swabs. When I asked if he had any, he said he doesn't buy them. In fact, he doesn't even wash his hands before testing his blood glucose levels. Why? Because his hands aren't dirty. Stupid me, knowing better, did try to explain that any contaminants on the finger tips can change the readings and alter the amount of insulin he will be injecting. He told me I was crazy and I was then subjected to a rant on whats wrong with the world. I don't care about him, but I love my friend. All I can do is pray that when he does kick the bucket, he leaves her with a good insurance policy. *sigh*

October 13, 2014


This computer is so slow and Firefox/Thunderbird keep freezing and crashing. Ugh. I don't know what to do.

A friend let me use her online cable account so I could watch the first season of Outlander. That was fun, a lot like the book.

I'm having problems eating. I can eat, but after, I feel like I'm going to barf and have a very upset stomach. It does not seem to matter if I eat a little, medium, or a lot - it happens every time. I see the doctor this Friday, but it's the lung doctor. I don't see my regular one until next week.

Sharky's smom is still in the hospital, but might be home this week. We mailed her a get well card today. His nephew and wife, R&T, should be in GA soon after their trip home across the country. Poor things, I hope everything goes well in the compound up there. One of the relatives is a horrible racist and, I believe, one of the reasons why they left. They don't have any money so they'll have to stay in the compound for the time being. Sharky's mom fought with his sister, so she has been getting lonely and calling him and talking for hours. I hope they make up soon. It's very sad.

Haven't heard anything from my dad. No news is good news on that front.

October 12, 2014


Crappy week, crappy weekend.

My laptop crashed, popups appeared blaming the hard drive. It was almost a paperweight but Sharky managed to get a program loaded that worked on diagnosing and repairing. Did a defrag that took over 12 hours to complete. It's better now, no more popups, but is very slow.

I had so much planned yesterday and it all fell through. I'm in so much pain sometimes, between my fingers, my feet, my stomach, my  joints. *sigh* Every time I eat I get sick.

I really wanted to go to the Mega Adoption downtown and possibly get a dog, but Sharky said no. I just want a dog to keep me company during the day and take on walks thru the neighborhood so I'm not alone. I'm so tired of being stuck here with no car and no companionship. Don't get me wrong, I love my cats, but its not the same - I cannot take them outside.

Sharky and Petunia got their hair cut yesterday. She got a bob and its adorable.

October 8, 2014


Sharky & Petunia were able to speak with his step-mom on Monday night. She was pretty out of it from what they said, but any time in the hospital on drugs can do that. I'm not sure, but I think she's scheduled for back surgery.

Felt horrid yesterday, definitely from lack of sleep. Tried to take a nap but every time I'd doze off, either an urchin would scream, a dog would scream, a car would hit the mini-pothole and scream, etc., etc., etc. Very bothersome because it would always jolt me awake with fright.

Sharky and Petunia made a dessert last night that could have possibly have been a disaster to my glucose levels, but the insulin worked, thank goodness. I wish I didn't know that though, because I don't want that in the back of my mind (i.e., "its ok if I cheat because the insulin will fix it").