February 28, 2015


Sharky was able to go to work yesterday and seemed to have had a good day.

I had a doctor's appointment Friday and Mr. DW drove me there and back. It was a fasting appointment for lab/blood work so it was really crappy. The phlebotomist had a hard time with my vein and had the needle too deep in, making the blood come out very slowly. Stressful and it was painful. I saw a "new" doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) who was actually quite nice and listened to me and gave me instructions on how to adjust my insulin when its low.

Bug and TBoo made it home safely Thursday afternoon and said that BabyBug appeared to be happy to be home. LOL They were very glad to see Daisy dog too.

This morning, Sharky went over to Mr. DW's house to try and fix his computer and Petunia went over to BB's house to spend the day. This afternoon, I've got an appointment with the eye doctor and hopefully will be able to get some new glasses.

Since we don't have an actually wedding anniversary this year (23rd), we split it between today and tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to go to the beach tomorrow morning to celebrate it.

February 26, 2015


I have discovered the most annoying sound in the world: city workers grinding concrete sidewalks. (Ours are very old and lopsided at the corners - hazard for walking - so they are grinding down the pointy edges for safety reasons.) It is so grating and unnerving, that even when it stops, the noise keeps reverberating in my bones.

Sharky left work around noon yesterday, he was feeling just that bad. He stayed home today and will see the doc for his lab work this afternoon. He thinks he has a cold, I hope its something that simple.

Saw Bug yesterday and got to say one last goodbye to BabyBug. He gave me a smile. They left this morning for home and should be there this afternoon. Weather was icky and they passed a lot of accidents on the way.

February 25, 2015


Bug came by yesterday and took me to the grocery store to pick up Rx and soda (for last night) and then treated me to lunch at Cool Moose. It was fun just having time together like so long ago. (When Bear started school, Bug was my buddy for all sorts of adventures for that year.) He spent most of the day here at the house - TBoo was with BabyBug and her mom, visiting her maternal grandma.

Bug left that afternoon, then when Sharky got home, we picked up dinner for everyone at Popeye's and went over to RB's house to visit. Had a wonderful visit with everyone and Grandpa Sharky got some much wanted BabyBug snuggle time.

They were supposed to leave today but I think they've postponed it until tomorrow due to weather. It snowed up where they lived yesterday.

Sharky was doing very badly yesterday when he got home from work. He's in a lot of pain and almost out of medication for it. Hopefully the doctor tomorrow will prescribe more. He also has a lot of mouth sores, even after brushing and rinsing well after each meal (and snack, etc.). He was coughing badly this morning and is afraid he's coming down with a cold. That wouldn't be good. I told him to ask the doc tomorrow if there is anything they recommend. (They had warned him that the couple of week period after the first chemo was the most dangerous for the immune system.) *sigh* I'm scared but I don't want to let him know.

Good news, the incision in his armpit is shrinking as it heals and so is the lump underneath.

February 23, 2015


Tuesday - After his appointment, Sharky & Bug picked up Petunia from school and we all rode over to TBoo's dad's house for a dinner of ribs and playing with the baby.

Wednesday - Sharky went to work as normal. He managed to do an entire day and I guess he did well. After Petunia got home from school, Bug picked us both up and we went over TBoo's dad's house and babysat BabyBug while TBoo got a tattoo (present for her birthday). Bug brought us food (Firehouse subs) and we watched a bunch of movies. He brought a sub to Sharky, here at home, to make sure he had dinner.

Thursday - Normal day, Sharky made it through another day and did alright.

Friday - Bug, TBoo, & BabyBug picked up Petunia and I and we drove down to visit my mom and sdad. We had a blast playing with the baby in the back seat. He's such a good little dude.

Saturday  - Drove around and ran a bunch of errands. Looked at laptops, cloud servers, used cars, etc. Didn't buy anything. LOL Met up with Bug & Family and Mr. DW at Royal Buffet at 4 pm for a lovely early dinner. We all had a great time. Afterward, we went to the 1st anniversary party of The Union, the art gallery where MB (BB's mom) has her studio. There were drinks and appetizers and a great band (Backwater Bible Salesmen) and tons of really neat art. We even won a raffle of a free print, and Sharky chose MB's dragonfly print.

Sunday - After a great breakfast at the Cool Moose, we went to Volde-mart and shopped for dry goods. Good news, I shopped for jeans and was happy to find out that I have gone down 2 whole sizes since last summer. I tried on many different sizes to make sure, and while I can fit into a smaller size (making it 3 sizes down), it wasn't comfortable. Well, just my luck, I discovered that the jeans that I wanted were all sold out of so I went online today to see if I can buy a pair and found the term "pork chop ankle." I tried to Google it but didn't come up with anything that made sense.

Came home, totally exhausted, had lunch, and then had to go back out grocery shopping. Ended up pushing myself too hard and by the time we got home, both legs were numb and my back was killing me. Took a long time at rest to actually be able to walk without severe pain.

Monday - JEA came by to let everyone in the 'hood know that they will be "cleaning the sewers" this week. No, I have no idea what that means. Another crew came through and were grinding the sidewalks. Very annoyingly noisy.

February 17, 2015

Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)

On Saturday, Mr. DW picked up Petunia and I after lunch and we visited with Sharky at the hospital. He was in pretty good spirits. He had eaten food and kept it down. Had a few bouts of nausea, but never threw up. Mr. DW was pretty under the weather (wore a face mask), so we left.

A couple of hours later, after Bug & family arrived in town, Bug & BabyBug picked us up and we went back to the hospital. Sharky was so thrilled to see our grandson. (So were the nurses. LOL) We spent a bit of time there before going home. BabyBug loved the view from the hospital window. When the sun was setting behind us, all the colors were reflected in the buildings in front of us so it was like a bright jewel tone light show. I sat with my back to the window and him on my chest looking over my shoulder. He kept his head upright for a long time watching it all. It was so cute.

Sunday, Petunia woke up not feeling well at all and Mr. DW was still sick, so we all stayed home. TBoo dropped Bug off at the hospital and he visited Sharky for a while. He drove the truck home for us. Petunia and I cleaned house and did laundry.

Yesterday (Monday) morning, Sharky had the bone marrow biopsy. It was painful. Afterward, after he ate and seemed ok, they discharged him from the hospital. Bug picked him up and drove him home. He ate dinner and rested.

Today, he has an oncology appointment at 1 pm. Bug will be driving him. Sharky can drive (and did, last night to pick up Rx from Walgreens around the corner) but it's raining and he still gets a bit dizzy. Petunia didn't have school yesterday (President's Day) but did today and BB's brother, OJO, gave her a ride. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be back to "normal" and she'll ride to school with Sharky. He's planning on going to work as regular and staying as long as he can.

In the hospital, he received a lovely plant from one of their salesman. Today, he received an "edible bouquet" from his co-workers. That was pretty adorable.

February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's Day (Saturday)

Yesterday morning, Sharky had an echocardiogram and then after, went into surgery and had the stent catheter inserted. He called me when he got out and was almost incoherent. I called Mr. DW and he picked us up close to 4 and we went down. It was a bit of a hike from the new parking area to the oncology ward. Luckily, he's got another private room with a nice view. Not as good as the ground floor view of the river (with dolphins!) but a nice skyline view of the city, especially beautiful at night.

We were there until almost 7 pm. His boss swung by and I got to meet him. We made sure he had dinner (his door said NPO, nothing by mouth, but I questioned the nurse and he ended up with a tray of food. LOL). Texted with him later on and he said that they brought in the chemo at 8:30 pm, four bags of it. It finished about 4 am.

Talked to him this morning and he got breakfast and a shower and said he was actually feeling quite well. He's been disconnected from the iv and the heart monitor so he's "free" now. He still has to stay in until they do the bone marrow test, so maybe Tuesday? I doubt they'll do the test on the weekend. No more chemo is scheduled for another two weeks (?).

Found out that he called and spoke to his dad on Thursday night. He tried to call his mom, but she's moving from her old place up to his sister's. He called his sister and told her what was going on and asked her to tell his mom.

After we left last night, we swung by Publix on the way home. Got cat food and Petunia HAD to have frozen burritos. Thank goodness, Publix had a sale on them. LOL

Bug's leave was supposed to start Monday, but he spoke to his Commanding Officer yesterday and was granted permission to leave today. He, TBoo and BabyBug will be here this afternoon.

Gave Petunia her Valentine card, Hello Kitty chocolate and her present - little sterling silver cubic zirconia stud earrings Sharky and I picked out last weekend. She really loves them.

February 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

Well, Mr. DW picked us up about 4 and we went to go see Sharky. We swung by his truck first and grabbed his book and then went to visit. His spirits were up once we got there. We only stayed about 2 hours and left when he got his dinner. (Food seems to be pretty good there, thankfully.) Got a text from him around 3 am this morning, he was finally moved to the oncology ward.

Had Bear call me when we got home (he's on nights in the tower) and gave him the news. After, I called Bug and talked to him. Bug took it a lot harder. Both boys called Sharky last night, and he enjoyed hearing from them. I am not looking forward to telling his parents. His mother's first instinct would be to round up his sister and come up here and his father would most likely post it on Facebook and ask for prayers. Sharky does not want this on FB and I'm respecting his wishes. This blog is my outlet but isn't connected with FB and the few who do read it, would not share, thankfully.

Now that he's in the oncology ward, he's going to have a tube inserted in his upper right chest/neck area for the chemo, which will be started today. The cancer is "lymphoma" but neither of us have been told if its Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's. Hopefully I'll find out today. Either way, it seems that as soon as it is found and treated, the better off the end result will be.

Going to have to hit the grocery store today. Out of cat food and I need a pack of pita so I can have sandwiches. Might need some other stuff too, not sure at the moment. Ate fish sticks and mashed potatoes last night for dinner (Petunia's request). Weird, but good, and thankfully my BG levels behaved. LOL If I stick to proper serving sizes I don't have issues.

February 12, 2015


Sharky's surgery was at noon and I called at 2. He had been in his room for about 30 minutes. He was pretty out of it. I spoke to the head nurse on the floor and she said that she'd call me if anything changed. I waited until 4 and called him back, asking if he wanted company. He said yes. Mr. DW picked us up at about 4:30 and we all went to see Sharky. He had a lovely private room overlooking the river, seeing dolphins in the day and the city lights at night.

I saw his incision, it was about 4 inches long in his armpit. It was really sore, but they gave him ice packs for it. We had a nice time talking. He, thankfully, was eating well. We left at about 6:45 and came home. (Swung by Wendy's for a quick dinner.)

He was supposed to have an MRI this morning but it was cancelled. Asshats wanted to compare the results to one he had 10 years ago when he had the BAJA implant. They thought it was easier for US to give them our copies instead of getting theirs out of archives. Well guess what? That was 10 fucking years ago. I have NO idea where they are. I looked and looked in all the obvious places and they weren't there. That just leaves the out of the way places and I just cannot get to those. I think they should just get off their asses and do their job. I worked at a hospital, I know they store those.

So, he was scheduled for another CT scan and that is where he most likely is right now. The oncologist dropped by and said they were moving him to the oncology ward. The lab tests came in after that visit and he was told it was positive for cancer. What type, I don't know. He didn't want to talk to me and said he'd call after the CT scan.

I have to tell Petunia when she gets home. She's not going to handle this very well. I'm not handling this well. I doubt Sharky is either.

He wants his laptop and his jammy pants. Petunia and I spent yesterday doing linens, and I still had some left, so I found his fave pair and washed them and have them all packed up with some spare undies. I guess we'll wait until he goes to his new room and then go to see him this afternoon or night.

February 11, 2015


Ugh, yesterday was such a clusterfuck.

Sharky had his catscan at 6:15, saw his doctor at 8:30, arrived at the ER at 10:15 am. Called me at 4 pm threatening to leave but I talked him into staying. The hospital literally had no beds available at all. He gave his phone number to the nurses and walked over to Chik-fil-a to get something to eat. Of course, that is when they called him. They brought him back into the ER and put him on an IV for pain meds. I called Mr. DW and he picked up Petunia and I at about 6:30 drove us up there. While we were there, he finally got to see the ER doctor who made notes about recommending a consultation with the oncologist while he was there. She also said, while palpitating his stomach, that it appeared that his spleen was enlarged. We left at about 8:30 pm, after the nurse made sure he got something else to eat to tide him over.

Petunia got a ride to school from BB's mom this morning and she's going to walk home. I heard from Sharky finally this morning and surgery was scheduled for 10 am and then moved to 12 pm. No food or water until after. Poor guy. I told him to just try and sleep until then. Not sure what is going to happen, the surgery is an exploratory biopsy but who knows. Got a long history in my family of exploratory surgery/biopsies turning into big drawn out affairs. Called Mr. DW and let him know what was up.

We tried to keep the "C" word out of the conversation, but she started putting things together in the ER after overhearing the words "lymphoma", "oncologist", and finally "chemo." She had a total meltdown after we got home. I'm doing my damnedest to stay positive around her so she doesn't worry. Sharky made me promise not to say anything to the boys until we know for sure what it is. Petunia didn't agree with that, but she doesn't have a say in the matter right now.

February 10, 2015

Morning Update on Sharky

Left a text message with Sharky letting him know I loved him and wanted news about the medical situation and to see if he was coming home for lunch or going to work. He basically texted back very briefly, not coming home for lunch, not going to work, not good news, cannot talk, Emergency (yes he used that word) and that he'll call me.

Now I'm scared.

OK, he called me. Still cannot talk. He's in the ER waiting to be admitted. They will be doing surgery tomorrow. Surgeon said he's 90something percent sure it's lymphoma. Sharky is holding out for better news. I told him to call me when he gets admitted.

Sharky told me not to tell anyone. Yeah. Who am I going to tell? I have to tell Petunia something, guess I'll just say "exploratory surgery". Can't tell the boys, will have to wait until we have definite news.

Scared level just shot up.


Good news. Sharky called the surgeon's office yesterday and the lady he spoke with was very aware of the situation. His cat scan is (was) scheduled for 6:15 this morning and then he goes straight to the surgeon's office afterwards for another consultation.

I had Petunia ask BB's brother OJO to give her a ride to school this morning, and they were able to, thankfully. (Its just too dark for her to walk.) She was up and ready on time, thank goodness.

Not sure if Sharky will come by the house after his meeting with the surgeon or if he's going straight to work. Hopefully he'll call and come by so I can make him some lunch.