August 27, 2015


Today, I am grateful for chicken. I love chicken, it is incredibly versatile in almost every cuisine - meat and eggs from the same creature! I would eat it every day but others in my house don't share my obsession. Oh well...

(The Gratitude Project, Day 27)

August 26, 2015

Animal Rights

Today, I am grateful for the animal rights groups here in town who keep us a no-kill county (Jax No More Homeless Pets, the Jacksonville Humane Society, Animal Care and Control, etc.) and who's combined efforts saved the life of my Tony and other countless animals.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 26)

August 25, 2015

My Birdfeeder

Today, I am grateful for my birdfeeder. My mom purchased it in upstate NY in the late 1980s and gave it to me more than a decade ago. It's actually a finch feeder but that hasn't stopped doves, Blue Jays, Cardinals, woodpeckers, etc., from feeding on it. (Squirrels love it too. Lol) It's weathered many moves and many more storms but it keeps working where others have fallen apart.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 25)

August 24, 2015

My Datebook

Today, I am grateful for my Llewellyn's Witches' Datebook that I use faithfully every day. It's the perfect size and I'd be totally lost without it. My mom bought it for me for Yule one year by accident (I asked for the almanac) but it was the best accident ever. I quickly grew attached to it and either she or my husband get me a new one every Yule. Even though I've been using my phone's calendar more and more, I sync them so I always know what is going on. LOL

(The Gratitude Project, Day 24)


Dreamtime: At a party at BB's house. Baby Bug running around and being happy. Petunia smoking pot with BB's family and Sharky and I get very mad about it. My dad (in a wheelchair), my uncle S, and my FIL show up to see Baby Bug. Embarrassed they can smell the pot in the air. No one mentions it. Baby Bug loves being held and fussed over.

My dad painting cat whiskers blue on clams. The cat whiskers are monofilament line stuck in the clam.

Uncle K showing up as a ghost at the party but no one can see him but me. Trying to tell me something. Knocking me onto floor and pinning me down jokingly so I will listen and no one can tell why I'm just laying on the floor.

Driving off in the rain and pulling over to wait for everyone else in a florist's parking lot. Have to back up because what I thought was a driveway was actually a drop off.

Large moving ban and meeting mom's old boyfriend RZ. Have to explain to the other relatives who he is. RZ just says HI, hugs Sharky and I, and leaves.

Sharky having to drive into a rental car lot to turn around and then having the owner demand proof that our car was ours and not one of his rentals. The guy is really smarmy, like a lawyer.

August 23, 2015


Today, I am grateful for our local Publix. Even though the prices are going up (due to renovations and trying to rebrand themselves as an upscale store), no other place can beat their BOGOs.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 23)


Friday, we went to Beall's to go school shopping and we walked the entire store. Frankly, if it was just me, I'd love to shop there. Lots of peasant/hippie clothes for grown women. Very cool. Clothes for teen boys were great, lots of back-to-school appropriate choices. For teen girls? OMGWTF, tons of naked hippie on the beach clothes, no where near appropriate for school, unless you are homeschooling. Sheer, flowy, spaghetti strap, see through, booty shorts, etc. Seriously, I think the store's buyer is on crack if they thought any of that was "back-to-school" clothing. Took us a long while, but we were able to find 3 really nice t-shirts and 2 tanks (for layering) that were appropriate for school.

Took Petunia to Steak 'n Shake after for lunch and a milkshake. Tony was a good boy while we were gone.

That evening, I took Sharky to radiation #9 (halfway there!). His throat was sore and while we planned on pork chops for dinner, when I mentioned egg drop soup, he was sold. I dropped him off at home and Petunia and I went to China Joy and got take out.

Saturday, we all went to Volde-mart for grocery shopping. Because I bought meat last week at Winn-Dixie (large pork roast and BOGO chicken), we had enough for this week, so thankfully my list was small and we were out of there fast.

Had plans for the afternoon, but funds were tight and Sharky was tired, so we stayed home. He's at the boat today, going sailing with Mr. DW and friends.

Tomorrow is the first day of school!

August 22, 2015

My Bed

Today, I am grateful for my bed. It's not fancy, but it has a pillow top and is the comfiest one I have ever owned. I love my bed.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 22)

August 21, 2015

My Blue Jays

Today, I am grateful for my blue jays that visit me all year around. They are beautiful bits of sunshine that come on to my porch, and sing to me. They also yell, fight with each other, and the young ones are always hungry. Reminds me a lot of when I still had 3 kids at home...

(The Gratitude Project, Day 21)

August 20, 2015


On Monday, Petunia and I sorted out a lot of her clothes and ended up with two bags to donate. I also cooked a pork roast that turned out fabulous and enough meat for 5 meals (Mon, Tues, and 3 bags in the freezer).

Tuesday, we ran to the library and dropped the bags of clothing off at the Goodwill. Gassed up the car as well. Driving back and forth to Southpoint for radiation every day is eating up the gas.

Wednesday, Mr. DW picked up Petunia and took her to the Avenues Mall for clothes shopping. They had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow, she and I will do some more shopping because my Auntie Sue sent her a gift card. Tomorrow is also Sharky's 9th radiation - the halfway point (18 total).

The Internet

Today, I am grateful for the Internet. It is an unending source of education and amusement, and the best thing for long-distance relations and friendship since pen pals. I believe that it, like the library system, should be a right for all citizens and available to all.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 20)

August 19, 2015

My Washer & Dryer

Today, I am grateful for my washer and dryer. Yes, I dislike doing laundry but I dislike going to a laundromat even more. I know I take it for granted until one breaks (*knock on wood*, they're working fine). There are a lot of people in this world who don't even have access to a laundromat, much less their own w&d combo.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 19)

August 18, 2015


Today, I am grateful for books. I have loved them as long as I can remember. They are always there for me when I need an escape from the world.

(The Gratitude Project, Day 18)