May 26, 2017

May 26, Friday

Surprise. Turns out M bought brother J a ticket to fly to CA too. He had never flown before, so I'm sure it was quite the experience.

Yesterday, Sharky got off work at 2 and came home, ate his lunch and packed. J & C showed up, picked him up and went to airport. C dropped them off and then went back home to GA. They got through TSA with only a toothpaste issue (J brought full size. He turned down the offer to check it as luggage for a $25 fee. lol).

I briefly heard from Sharky when they landed in Houston to change planes. They were doing fine. Shocked by the size of the airport there.

Got a text about 0455 saying they arrived in CA and were at the hospital. Sent M to shower and sleep; she had been by mom's side since she arrived. Sharky said that mom is aware enough to know that he and J are with her. No more info, he said he'd call later.

Petunia's boyfriend, CH, is graduating today. His mom and grandma are picking her up so she can attend. Most likely will have lunch too afterwards.

I still have to get ready for my trip next week. Have to go to Volde-Mart for stuff like a new charger cord and travel-sized toothpaste (haha).

Have to work out a menu for the next two weeks. Need to keep a simple, easy to use menu for Sharky and Petunia while I'm gone. Don't want them skipping meals.

Trying to budget and save as much as I can, without suffering of course. Lol I put the chops I had just taken out of the freezer back in and Petunia and I had burritos from Tijuana Flats for dinner. (Thursday special: burrito chips & soda for $5.99. Can't beat that deal.) That's our only meal out unless someone else takes her out.

May 25, 2017

May 25, Thursday

Sharky's mom and stepdad traveled to CA last weekend to visit the stepdad's son's family. After they arrived, mom got very sick and couldn't breathe. They rushed her to hospital where she was intubated and placed in ICU. We think she's in a coma. They did a test yesterday that determined that she had a stroke and most likely is paralyzed on the left side.

Sister M flew over yesterday and bought Sharky a plane ticket to fly there tonight. He's getting off work early to come home and pack. He'll be back by the 31st.

At guidance right now. I asked Petunia's new therapist to have her talk about her grandparents (her dad's parents). Mom will most likely pass away soon. They haven't give a prognosis yet (or if they have, I haven't heard) but situations like these usually aren't recoverable.

I feel terrible. Poor Sharky. At least his dad is doing a lot better. I don't know what to  say to him about this.

When it first happened, he called his brother to tell him and found out that his brother's wife's mother was still very ill and most likely dying. (That was the indirect reason for the MI trip to see his father was canceled.) I told him not to be concerned about that because he needs to focus on his own parents and he got mad at me for "not caring." I didn't intend to be mean and heartless, but wanted him to understand that he needs to prioritize things and frankly, not spend mental energy on other things.

I keep telling him that I love and care for him. I hope he knows.

May 23, 2017

May 23, Tuesday

Sunday was a lazy day. Sharky and Petunia went to Davey's and came home at lunch.

Yesterday, I went to the doctor's to get my blood test results. Everything looked good. My A1c went up a little bit, but nothing bad. Still anemic, but now she thinks I'm definitely pre-menopause and that is the reason. Prescribed iron pills for me to take.

Yesterday afternoon, DL (neighbor) came over with tea and oatmeal his Irish friend sent over that he didn't want.

Sharky came home last night all upset. His sister called and told him that his mom (on vacation in CA) was hospitalized with pneumonia & high blood pressure. She was intubated and unconscious. Sharky feels pretty helpless right now, I don't blame him. Good thing though, his mom's stepson is there helping out (her husband is old and rather useless IMO). We think Sharky's sister might be flying out there tomorrow.

It rained about 3 hours last night. Hopefully it will continue. There was thunder but it was before dinner and Tony Elliott got over it fast and had a good night's sleep.

Because of the rain overnight, Sharky took the car this morning.

I'm still debating on packing or not. Lol Only 9 more days!

May 20, 2017

May 20, Saturday

Ran a lot of errands today. Went to JHS on Beach Boulevard and got Tony Elliott's heartworm and flea medication. Then went to FCNMHP on Cassat and bought Rosie's flea meds. Came home and then went to both Aldi's and Winn-Dixie grocery shopping. I was exhausted by the time I was done. Sharky made cheeseburgers for lunch with the fresh hamburger from Aldi's. They were delicious.

Sharky and Petunia will most likely go to Davey's for a little bit tomorrow morning.

May 19, 2017

May 19, Friday

When I was getting ready for the Yelp party last night, I almost started packing for the trip. It's so tempting but I must resist. I'm starting to gather things up around the house and I'm making oodles of lists, so I will be prepared. My mom sent me a couple of bucks that I plan on turning into singles for possible trade. I'm so exited about all this. I'm freeing up digital space as well, to make room for pictures, etc. The closer this gets, I'm sure I will be hard to live with.

I cut my hair on Wednesday. I used a metal ruler and aimed to cut about 13" from my scalp all around. It was difficult to do. I lost from 4" to 8" from my locs. The relief from the weight was immediate. It was about a pound of hair. Yes, a pound. When I washed it yesterday, it was easy and quick, and no killer neck issues when I wrapped it up in a towel. I should have done this a while ago. I did wrap each end in a band just temporary to keep it knotted up.

Yelp's Caffeinated Deep Dive at Vagabond Coffee

Had a fabulous time last night at "Yelp's Caffeinated Deep Dive at Vagabond Coffee." Will (the owner), along with baristas Courtney & Mitch, threw a fantastic, fun, and educational bash for us. They were very organized. The bites were great (meat quiche, drool...) and the coffee fantastic. Following Will's advice, I tried the cold brew as is and really enjoyed it. The coffee cocktail was surprisingly good.

I've always been a fan and patron of Vagabond, and I knew they wouldn't disappoint us. I will continue to recommend this fab coffee to all.

May 17, 2017

May 17, Wednesday

Monday was Petunia's counseling. The 2nd counselor is leaving to take care of a sick child, so we met counselor #3. This one is a little older than me and Petunia seems to feel more comfortable with her. The first one (her fave) was my age and the 2nd one was in her mid-20s which, for some reason, Petunia didn't like. I think she prefers mother figures. Until they get to know each other, they will be meeting weekly. Thank goodness, the day that I'm on my trip, is a holiday week and they won't have an appointment.

Everything about my trip is slowly falling into place and working wonderfully. A lady I've known for a long time (a WGer and a FB friend) just happens to live in Quincy and offered to pick me up from the airport when I arrive and take me to lunch on the beach. SQUEE! I'm so excited.

I'm saving virtual/digital ephemera about the trip and will be posting it here as a scrapbook with it's own label (tag) to make it easy to find.

Phone Calls

Little known fact. One of my first jobs in the military was to update a guest list that was a big as a phone book. By the time you finished, you had to start over again. I vomited almost every morning. I hated making those calls, verifying famous (political) people's names, spelling of names, addresses, marital status, children, etc. I went from not having an issue, to having an anxiety attack when I have to cold call a person to this very day.

May 14, 2017

May 14, Mother's Day, Sunday

Had a lovely time today.

Got to the Cool Moose at 0802 am and it was already more than 1/2 way filled. They open at 0800 but I think there was a line so they just let people in early. Glad we got there when we did, within 10 minutes, it was packed and there was a line outside.

Afterwards, we came home and Davey arrived. He rode with us to the Zoo. So glad we have the membership. It rained for at least an hour and we all got soaked but it was still fun. We went backwards so we could see the tigers. Totally worth it. My feet were horrible because my shoes were wet, but I dealt with it. By the time we left, there was a line stretching all the way into the parking lot - perhaps almost 1000 people? Once again proving that while no one here are morning people, I'm always right. Best to do things first thing. LOL

We came home and all 3 of us crashed. Heard from Davey, he texted me to thank me and said he had a very long nap too. Petunia had leftovers from the dinner with Connor (her new boyfriend) so she had that for dinner. Sharky ran to Popeyes and grabbed our dinner. (Petunia isn't a big Popeye's fan.)

May 13, 2017

May 13, Saturday

Went to the new Aldi's yesterday. It was really nice, with a lot of great deals.

Won a free breakfast at the Cool Moose for Mother's Day, so we are going there tomorrow morning and then to the Zoo afterwards. I invited Davey to come with us.

Petunia is going out to dinner with her friend Connor and his family and then to Target. Hope they have fun.

Finally got some rain this morning and it looks like it will rain again soon. Thank goodness, we need it badly. The West Mims fire up on the border of GA is still burning and we see and smell the smoke from it daily.

May 12, 2017

May 12, Friday

Still making lists for upcoming trip. So excited. Received my plane reservations yesterday. Going to have to arrange transportation to airport with Davey.

An Aldi's opened yesterday up on Normandy, so much closer than the Inge in the Avenues. Going shopping there today.

May 10, 2017

May 10, Wednesday

Sharky's trip to MI is officially postponed. I'm sad because I think this is the perfect time to go, but I'm not the one planning or paying for this trip.

I'm so excited about my upcoming trip. Slowly getting things together, it's in 3 weeks. Can't spend any money, need to save up for incidentals and a couple of meals.

Haven't heard from Bear in a while, found out his phone was stolen and he just got a new one.