January 27, 2015


Petunia stayed after school to work on a project and I was all on pins and needles until she got home. I get so worried at times.

Tomorrow is her early release day, so she and I are going out onto the driveway, open up the gate, and I'm going to try and ride her bicycle up and down the drive to see if I can. I was going to do it by myself but then I realized if I fell, there is no one to help me and it could be a disaster. She obviously wouldn't be able to help but she could at least call her dad for help in an emergency.

Sharky is still in a lot of pain. I feel terrible because the doctor obviously didn't take him seriously and just prescribed ibuprofen for it, even though he told him it wouldn't work. All doctors just assume you are a drug addict if you ask for pain medications. *sigh*

January 26, 2015


Sharky felt pretty horrid Friday night and turned in early. In fact, he was pretty miserable most of the weekend and I felt very bad about it.

Saturday, we went to Volde-mart to go grocery shopping and I wanted to look at a bike. Of course, all of the bikes they had were very large and locked down but we did find one we could slide out so I could sit on it. Big mistake. It was just a bit too big and while I got on ok, I couldn't get off and almost had a panic attack when I realized I was "trapped." Those stupid clunky shoes I was wearing didn't help either. When I try again, I'm going to wear my little canvas tennies (faux Keds). They are a lot lighter and more flexible. Of course, afterwards I pissed off everyone because, well, because it's just me. *sigh*

Sunday, Sharky didn't go work on the boat with Mr. DW. We did however, run to Earth Gifts. The JPPA was having a bake sale and Petunia and I wanted to go. We picked up a red velvet brownie (for her) and a cinnamon roll (giant) for Sharky and I to split. Mmm, whomever baked those was brilliant.  We also went inside the shop and looked around. I needed another screw top eye dropper for my tea tree oil (Rosie chewed up the last one) and I picked up a little bracelet of rose quartz to help me focus on my weight loss/health. I was going to just pick up a bead to make a bracelet, but one made of chips was cheaper than a bead, so I went with that.

January 23, 2015

Test Strips Update

FINALLY got it fixed. You know what the problem was? The insurance company doesn't like One Touch, their preferred meter is Bayer. Holy freaking shit. Why couldn't someone just have told me that? I couldn't find it anywhere on the website or paperwork. *headbang* The pharmacy didn't know, the doctor's office didn't know and it took me hours to get a human at the insurance company on the phone to finally tell me, and that was after she was digging thru her computer to figure it out. I'm exhausted. Good news is that the pharmacist is a lovely lady (so much like Aisha Tyler in looks and voice that its scary) and is rushing it thru for me to pick up tonight. ARGH.


Kept Petunia home from school today. She's been constipated and took medicine last night and of course, it started working at the crack o'dawn. She really didn't want to go to school and have it hit her at an inopportune moment.

Sharky went to the doctor's yesterday about a lump he has in his neck. They took x-rays and prescribed antibiotics. If it doesn't go away, they want to do a biopsy. I really am praying its nothing serious.

I called my doctor's office about my test strips and the insurance and the woman I spoke to (the same woman I spoke to last time!) had no memory of it at all. I wanted to scream. She promised to call the insurance company this morning and would call me back. I'm getting close to being out of strips, only have another day left. I'm so frustrated.

Downloaded yet another app to my phone, this one to track all the prescriptions in case of an emergency. It was a bit of a pain in the ass to set up but hopefully it will do what I want it to do.

January 22, 2015


I'm trying very hard to get out more and do things but its difficult to do when I don't have a vehicle. There's a Yelp event next week for Elites only (I've been one now for 4 years) and I've RSVP'd and hope I get chosen. I was #61 to reply and I've never been able to attend one, so I don't know if I have a chance or not.

Made white chicken chili for dinner last night. Petunia made cornbread. It was all pretty good, she really liked it a lot more than I thought she would. It was definitely spicier than I thought it would be, but then, I did add extra green chiles to it. LOL

January 20, 2015

Diabetic Rant

I hate insurance companies. This is petty, but freaking annoying and I gotta bitch to someone. LOL

I am a diabetic. After the hospital stay, I started testing (again) 4 times a day so I know how to handle the insulin. When I lost my insurance at the end of July, I had to go a whole month before the new insurance  kicked in (Sep 1). I could not afford test strips for my meter (Bayer). BUT, a co-worker of Sharky's had a brand new meter (One Touch) and a ton of test strips that he never used and gave them all to me. I ran out of those in November and my doctor wrote a prescription for me for test strips so the insurance would cover it. They did, in November and December (12 refills).

My policy was canceled 12/31 and my new one (identical, but according to the insurance company, "different", but same policy number, id number, etc.) kicked in on 01/01. In the beginning of this month, I had a couple of Rx filled. No problems. Started running low on test strips and called for a refill. The insurance REFUSED to fill it, demanding an "Authorization of Need" from the doctor. I'm a fucking DIABETIC on INSULIN, how much more of a NEED is that?

The pharmacy called the doc on Friday but I didn't find out until the doctor's office was closed. Both the doctor and the insurance company were closed for the holiday so I had to call this morning, and of course, they didn't have any record of the pharmacy calling *sigh* Explained the whole deal and the prescription refill lady at the doctor's office promised to call the pharmacy for the paperwork and then would call the insurance company asap. I emphasized to her the urgency of it, since I only have a few days supply left.

I'm totally out of One Touch test strips BUT a few months back, I filled out a survey for Bayer and they sent me a bottle of 25 strips as a thank you. I was saving them for an emergency. Hah. These stupid little things - a box of 2 bottles of 50 (100 total) costs, brace yourself, $142.95 ($1.42 EACH). With insurance, it's $16.00 ($0.16). What a fucking racket.

Between test strips and the insulin costing between $250-300 a bottle, no wonder this stupid disease hasn't been cured yet. They are making way too much money off of it.

January 19, 2015


No school for Petunia today, due to the MLK Holiday.

Not much went on. Watched SNL. Ate ramen. (I could, my BG levels were low.) Tried to take a brief nap but the freaky urchins outside were as loud and as obnoxious as inhumanely possible. *sigh*

January 18, 2015


Added the other Google alt of mine to this blog so I can access it from either. Hopefully this will work.

It's been a rather slow few days. School for Petunia on Thursday, she had to walk home but thankfully missed the rain by mere minutes. Friday was a teacher planning day, so no school. She doesn't have school on Monday either due to Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

Friday, BB came over and the two of them went bike riding around the neighborhood. They were gone about an hour and had fun. They are stuck within the confides of the immediate 'hood until Petunia becomes better about bike riding.

Saturday, went grocery shopping at Volde-mart. Also got a new bath mat for the shower so I won't be scared of slipping and falling. Later that afternoon, Sharky ran by the pharmacy to pick up my test strips and wasn't able to. Because my  insurance changed policies, they wanted additional information from my doctor that I NEEDED diabetic test strips. Like a prescription isn't enough? *sigh* The pharmacy did contact my doctor on Friday but never heard back. The insurance company is closed on weekends and, of course, on Monday due to the holiday. Hopefully my doctor will be open. I was almost out of strips, but I did find the sample bottle of 25 that I had received for my other meter, so I have at about 5 days worth to tide me over. The stupid insurance people better not try and screw me over. The stupid things cost way too much money to pay for out of pocket.

January 14, 2015


The KIPP Alumni dinner last night was good. Pulled pork, chips and cookies. Had some meaningful dialog with the principal about the whole magnet school process. Glad we went.

Came home before 8 pm and Sharky didn't last too much longer on the couch before he started falling asleep. His mother called late at night (again) but when he tried to call her back, she didn't answer. She's always doing that - calling either very late or worse, while he's at work and cannot talk. Its been like this for years.

Bear finally got his Xmas/Yule package in the mail last night (our time) but hasn't opened it yet. Hopefully I'll hear from him today.

Beach dreaming

Kerry dreams of spending their 23rd anniversary at the beach. Hint hint. (It's next month.)

January 13, 2015


Talked to mom this morning. Doesn't appear to be cancer in her jaw but something like osteomyletis? Have to ask again, might have that wrong.

Have an alumni dinner tonight at Petunia's middle school. Free meal and she gets to meet up with old friends, why not? LOL

Temperature outside has warmed up but still is horribly humid out. *sigh*


I was in a van on the beach and must have woken up from a nap. I looked out the window and the water was copy and stormy so I grabbed my camera to take a picture. The waves broke up against the side of the van and I realized that while I napped the tide rolled in. I tried to start the van but it would not start but eventually it did. It took a couple of tries but I was able to drive up and over the dune to get back on the road and away from the incoming tide.

January 12, 2015


Has this every happened to you?

When you fill out important things online now, many secure sites have a verification question to verify your identity, using, I have learned, your credit history. Most consist of 4 street names and you have to choose the one you have resided at in the past.

(Example: Which street did you live on in the past? Maple, Elm, Oak or Palm. I would choose Maple as the correct one.)

Last time I answered one, I had one heck of a quandary. It gave four very different statements and I had to choose the one that was true.

(Example: Mary Smith would be in her 70s. You once lived on Pine Street. Your first car was a Cadillac. You once worked at Wicker's Insurance.)

Unfortunately, all four were false to my immediate knowledge. I ended up choosing the "Mary Smith" option because I think I might have been related to a person by that name at one time, and if so, I guess that would be their age now if they were still alive. It must have been the true option because I was verified as being who I am.


I get very annoyed by nutrition "experts" on television who consistently sacrifice taste (and possibly health) for less calories. The one on the Today Show (who's name rhymes with Schmoy Schmauer) would rather you eat crap like reduced fat cheese and diet mayo, than a smaller portion of the natural stuff. I swear, sometimes I think that she's getting kickback from the diet/fad food industry. Honestly, I don't care that by switching my Duke's for a diet mayo so I can save 100 billion calories a year if it makes my sandwich taste like shit.

 My shoulder/neck/base of skull still aches badly from when I got a crick in it from the car ride up to NC at Xmas time.  Ugh. Takes a lot of fluffing the pillows at night to get comfortable and without fail, it has flared up again in the morning. Sometimes just the effort of holding my head upright makes it hurt. LOL