April 18, 2016


Shaky dropped me off at his boss's house to attend a child's birthday party and he went home. I was not happy about it. I say on a couch and played games on my phone until I saw that some people were leaving, so I used the house phone to call him and tell him to come get me.

In the dream, his boss was played by Peter Dinklage in a bad blonde mullet wig. He was telling a story about his fave part of the job was to ride in the paint mixing machine. The guy sitting next to me asked that if he gave me his email address, would I send him a video of it. The boss/Peter shook his head no.

April 8, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Knead Bakeshop and Bold Bean Coffee Roastery

Today's ‪#‎FridayCoffeeWithRita‬ is with Rita's bff, Bethany. We ordered drinks from Bold Bean Coffee Roasters (honey ‪‎latte‬, iced mocha, and a ‪‎cappuccino‬) and then went next door to Knead Bakeshop for a strawberry cream cheese muffin, chocolate chunk cookie, and a dark chocolate croissant. Had a lovely time and everything was delicious.

April 1, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Community Loaves

Today's ‪#‎FridayCoffeeWithRita‬ was back at Community Loaves, this time with Rita's friend Candi. We had, on the left, a cappuccino, a cup of nettle tea, split a British lemon custard muffin, and I had a cortado (pic on right). The wheat mosaic is created by Roux Arts and is fabulous.

March 25, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Krispy Kreme

Today's #FridayCoffeeWithRita was a cheap, quick one using our calendar coupons from Krispy Kreme. Had Bunny Bum and Easter Egg decorated donuts, Rita had a hot chocolate and I had a regular coffee. I don't care if the other donut shop chain says their coffee is the best, I prefer Krispy Kreme's coffee over all.

March 18, 2016

Pre-Birthday Lunch - European Street

I took Rita out for lunch (no school, spring break). We went to a fave place but instead of ordering my usual, I had a liverwurst on rye with onions, lettuce, tomato and mayo. I haven't had liverwurst in so long, I cannot recall. It was unbelievably satisfying.

Will I order it again? Probably not. But I'll enjoy the experience for a long while, since it brought back memories of my grandmother and her obsession with hors d'oeuvres. Her fave was a block of liverwurst "iced" with cream cheese that was to be spread on crackers. Some holdout from the 40s or 50s, I believe. Lol


Tony Elliott's first peticure was almost a complete success. He was very over-excited and nervous, had a wee piddle moment (first time ever) and barked at a large dog. But once the ladies took him back, he was a compete angel.

The only thing that upset me was when we were getting back into the car, a freaking asshat rode up behind us on a bike and growled loudly. Tony ignored him, thankfully, but then the guy started saying incomprehensible things at us about our dog.

Thank goodness he kept on riding away and we just got Tony into the car as fast as possible.

March 11, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Cozy Tea

Wonderful lunch at Cozy Tea for our ‪#‎FridayCoffeeWithRita‬. I had a small pot of Earl Grey and Rita had the Angel Dream. Earl Grey is my favorite, has been since childhood, and their blend was perfection. Rita really enjoyed hers as well. The tea menu is huge, and it was hard for her to pick one. Lol

We both had the hot pastry plate which included soup & salad. I had the sausage roll (scrumptious) and Rita had the tomato tart (divine); we both had the potato soup (really good).

For dessert we split an apricot scone with cream. It was served very warm and was incredibly delicious. I very well could have made a meal out of just that.

March 4, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Elliano's

Today's #FridayCoffeeWithRita was a quickie through the Elliano's drive-thru. I had the Tuscan Toffee frozen latte and Rita had the Creme de Menthe version. Mine was the best. Lol

February 26, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Bold Bean Coffee

It's #FridayCoffeeWithRita and we are back at our neighborhood coffee shop. We split an apple hand pie, Rita had a spiced chai tea and I had my usual cappuccino. I'm usually not a fan of #chaitea but theirs was delicious.

February 12, 2016

Friday Coffee with Rita - Starbucks

Today's #FridayCoffeeWithRita stars Rita who obviously did not want her picture taken. We went to the #Starbucks by home to try their heavily promoted "molten chocolate" VD special drinks (specifically the Frappuccino and the hot chocolate). Totally not worth it. The chocolate was grainy and tasted cheap. Very disappointed because they usually have better quality specials.

February 9, 2016

All Hail the Traveler

Auntie Sue died last night about 10:30 pm. Mom went over about 9am and Sue was screaming in pain. Found a doc about 10ish who ordered morphine. Which, of course, didn't fucking arrive until after 2pm. She never made it to hospice, but thankfully, a hospice nurse came and sat with her so mom could go home. The nurse called mom at 1030 and told her she was dying and held the phone up to Sue's ear so mom and sdad could say goodbye. Mom and sdad then got dressed and went over there to kiss her goodbye. I'm heartbroken.

From my FB post:

My Auntie Sue died last night after a brief battle with leukemia. She would have been 78 this April. She was larger than life: a US Marine, a school teacher, and a librarian amongst many other things. She loved animals and had many companions over the years (geese, goats, horses, cats and always, her beloved dogs). She loved nature and it showed in her incredible artwork (watercolors, oils, photography, stained glass, wood burning, etc.). I had many magical summers with her with many wonderful adventures: riding in open Jeeps, bathing in freezing creeks, outhouses, sleeping under bats in the attic (and no ceiling!), warm fresh cow milk, geese biting toes, fighting goats for wild blackberries, combing through antique bookshops, etc. She was a New Englander at heart and I hope her Summerland is full of winding mountain roads, sunshine, autumn leaves, and grey stormy beaches. All Hail the Traveler!